Cheesecake Oreo Cubes Recipe and Photos


As someone who firmly believes that the creme — not the cookie — is the best part of the Oreo, I was so excited to try this recipe for Oreo cheesecake bars, and I am very happy to share that it did not disappoint! These bars taste exactly like I imagine a Triple Stuf Oreo Cheesecakester would’ve tasted. (In case you don’t remember Oreo Cakesters, they were the soft Oreos discontinued in 2012 and also the snack of my childhood.) They’re the perfect thing to make when you’re dreaming about those Philadelphia Cheesecake With Oreo Cubes that people were talking about last year that are currently only available in South Korea. While I’m bummed I can’t get my hands on them, everything is always better when it’s homemade, right?

This recipe requires 24 Oreos, or exactly half of a family-size package. That might seem like a lot at first,

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8 regional Indian food blogs by moms that you need to follow for kid-friendly recipe ideas

Experts believe that one of the best ways to develop your child’s taste buds, is to feed them a diverse variety of foods from the word go. Today, baby food is no longer restricted to fruit pulp and cereal porridge and has moved to become Instagram-friendly platters that are as colourful as they are healthy. These food blogging mommys pick the best of their Indian regional cuisine, along with several international ideas and present children-friendly recipes.

Bong Mom Cookbook

In a bid to pass on everything she learnt from her mother, mom-in-law, mashis-pishis, kakimas-jethimas to her two daughters, Sandeepa Datta Mukherjee started a Bengali food blog that translated into an epic cookbook titled Bong Mom’s Cookbook in the year 2013. On this mom’s blog you’ll find lunch box ideas like kheema quesadillas, egg curry and other ideas that help you incorporate different food groups into your child’s diet. She has

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Think fig! 17 heavenly recipes for the soft fruit, from pizza toppings to poached puddings | Fruit

Obviously, the best way to eat a fig is straight from the tree, in the shade, while the fruit is still warm from the sun. This isn’t always possible, though, in which case allow me to make the case for the fig as a canape. A fresh fig, sliced open enough to admit a dollop of dolcelatte or another blue cheese as this recipe suggests, is simplicity itself. If you prefer something warmer, switch the dolcelatte for goat’s cheese and roast the fruit.

Pizza with figs and parma ham
Pizza with figs and parma ham. Photograph: Максим Крысанов/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Stuffing a fig will introduce you to its two best friends: salty cheese and fancy ham. If you want to experience this taste sensation, but don’t often get the opportunity to neatly pick such canapes off a silver tray at a snooty event, you can always just bung them on a pizza instead. Food and

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Joy Bauer shares 18 healthy recipes you can make with foods in your pantry


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