Day: March 21, 2021

IKEA kitchen scraps cookbook has 50 recipes from top chefs

The ScrapsBook cookbook, which is free to download, has 50 recipes with an aim at reducing massive food waste.

With an eye on sustainability and cutting food waste, IKEA Canada and chefs from across North America have produced a new cookbook that shows how to cook meals using food scraps most people would throw away.

The ScrapsBook cookbook is free to download from IKEA Canada. Ten chefs, including Adrian Forte, Craig Wong, and Trevor Bird, have each contributed five recipes, spanning multiple cuisines and cultures, IKEA said.

For breakfast, you could try a No-Waste Omelette, Banana Peel Bacon and Watermelon Rind Jam. Lunchtime could be the right time for Mac & Rinds or Radish Top Risotto. For dinner, whip up Kale Stem Pesto Tagliatelle, Sweet & Scrappy Meatballs and Spare Fish Croquettes.

Food waste has become a growing concern because of the environmental toll of production, including the land

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12 Braised and Pan-Seared Plant-Based Recipes

Braising is a cooking technique that involves pan-searing a food and then slowly cooking it in a liquid. The technique makes food tender and flavorful. While people often choose to braise meats, you can also braise vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, faux meats, and multiple other ingredients. If you feel like getting a little fancy in the kitchen, try one of these recipes that use braising! There’s everything from braised beans, to braised vegetables, to braised tempeh!

We also highly recommend downloading the Food Monster App  — with over 15,000 delicious recipes it is the largest plant-based recipe resource to help you get healthy! 

1. Olive Oil–Braised White Beans

Olive Oil–Braised White Beans

Source: Olive Oil–Braised White Beans

Although there’s great reward in the time it takes to cook dried beans, there’s just no arguing with the convenience of canned beans.  This recipe, however, is a great way to get canned beans tasting closer to the

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