Day: March 27, 2021

Homemade Dunkaroos Recipe with Photos


From Fruit Gushers to Ring Pops, the ’90s were pretty sweet — literally. Sugary snacks were all the rage, along with boy bands, Tamagotchis, and butterfly hair clips. Dunkaroos were especially popular, thanks to their iconic kangaroo mascot and sprinkle-speckled frosting. (The best part, of course, is when you had extra frosting leftover.) And if the thought of Dunkaroos still makes you feel warm and fuzzy with nostalgia, you’ll want to add this recipe for a homemade version to your to-do list.

Granted, Dunkaroos are officially back at 7-Eleven stores, so you can once again buy them at the store and enjoy whenever a sweet tooth hits, so you might be wondering if it’s even worth making them from scratch? Absolutely. Not only does making homemade Dunkaroos give you serious ’90s-kid bragging rights, but you won’t have to skimp on your frosting-to-cookie ratio!

This recipe is actually pretty simple, as

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Side dishes, dessert, Matzo Balls

At sundown on Saturday, millions of Jews worldwide will be marking the start of Passover with a Seder meal. The eight-day Jewish holiday celebrates freedom commemorating the Jewish exodus from Egypt. During the Seder meal, the retelling of the exodus takes place through stories, songs and ceremonial foods. Certain foods symbolic of Passover include bitters herbs and matzo, arranged on a Seder plate.

It’s a strict food holiday that requires Jews to rid their pantries of all leavened products. No leavening ingredients (baking powder, yeast, baking soda) are used. Wheat products, like flour, are not used, so in many Passover recipes, matzo cake meal and matzo meal are used instead.

Key ingredients for Passover include eggs and matzo.

Eggs are symbolic because they signify springtime and rebirth. They also serve as a leavening agent – especially beaten egg whites. Matzo in sheets or ground is ubiquitous during Passover. The cracker-like

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