Day: May 1, 2021

Spicy Pickled Garlic Recipe From TikTok With Photos


Cloves of garlic hardly seem like a delicious snack, but when they’re pickled, for some reason they’re irresistible — at least according to just about everyone on TikTok right now. After TikTok user @LalaLeluu shared a 45-second snippet of her eating garlic by the spoonful while sharing her easy recipe, the trend has pretty much blown up on the app, with TikTokers creating their own versions and even having it for breakfast.

According to Lala’s recipe, all you need to do is drain a jar of pickled garlic — the kind preserved in vinegar, not oil — and add sriracha, Korean chili flakes, and thyme before shaking up the jar and grabbing a spoon. “I’m going to have a tummy ache tomorrow, but it’s so good!” Lala said between mouthfuls of garlic.

So, is this recipe really worth the tummy ache? I initially wondered along with the rest of

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Crawfishing for a good recipe? Here’s our top 5 favorites | Food/Recipes

It is peak crawfish time, and we’re doing our best to eat all we can.

But a person cannot live by boiled crawfish alone (oh wait, we probably can). 

In case you’re looking for other ways to serve our most favorite of foods, we came up with our five most-requested recipes.

First up, crawfish bisque. This recipe gives you all the flavor but with a lot less time and effort. Instead of stuffed crawfish shells, this bisque has crawfish balls that are baked in the oven then steeped in that delicious roux-based gravy.

From Corinne Cook, a longtime food writer, comes our recipes for mini crawfish pies and crawfish étouffée.

The mini pies are super easy to make, and the étouffée is a great way to use crawfish leftover from a boil.

We also have Corinne to thank for the Crawfish and Artichoke Bisque recipe she brought to us from

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