Day: May 15, 2021

Spiked Gummy Bear Popsicles Recipe With Photos


I was introduced to spiked gummy bears in college (where else?), but it wasn’t until after college — in fact, quite recently — that I learned you can enjoy spiked gummy bears in popsicle form. No getting your hands sticky, no handling the goopy gummy bear texture — just a delicious, refreshing, and boozy summer treat. Plus, you have to admit, they’re kind of adorable!

Making these couldn’t be easier, but you will need to prepare a day in advance, so if you plan on serving these for a backyard get-together, just be aware! Start by freezing the gummy bears in vodka overnight, and make sure you cover the bowl so that the alcohol doesn’t evaporate.


Then, simply add them to a popsicle mold, fill it with Sprite (you could also use something similar, like sparkling flavored water or lemonade), and freeze it. I recommend trying to space the gummy

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10 Whole-Food, Plant-Based Recipes We Love!

It’s time for another round-up of One Green Planet Whole-Foods, Plant-Based (WFPB) meals for you to create and devour.  If you are not in the know, or you need a reminder, a person following a WFPB diet puts emphasis on whole foods, such as legumes, ancient grains, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds while eliminating refined sugar, processed oil, and white flour.

If processed foods are entered into the diet at all, it is usually only minimally processed foods with 5 or less ingredients.  That is to say, it doesn’t have to be an outright ban on processed foods if you are not ready.  The idea is to be a little more intentional about your food quality, to think about what you are putting into your body, and to have an awareness about where your food is coming from.

Check out these WFPB recipes for a little guidance and inspiration on

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Just-Right Recipes – The New York Times

The sun is out. I’ve made my annual switch to iced coffee. I’m buying Lambrusco and making a spritz. Summer is nigh! After the year we all had, you will catch me indoors only when it’s time to sleep, shower or type on this laptop (and maybe not even then).

But, OK, let’s still take a beat to revel in spring. Many of the recipes below are gloriously green, and all are just the right heft for this in-between moment. Best of all, they are legitimately easy to make (which, again, after the year we all had… ).

Tell me how you’re doing: I’m [email protected], and I love to hear from you.

1. Glazed Tofu With Chile and Star Anise

I love making new recipes from Yewande Komolafe, especially ones with tofu: She just has a way with it. This recipe for this dish, which is inspired by

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What’s Business Finance?

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NFIB: Assemblymen Promise to Fight for Small Business COVID-19 Relief – InsiderNJ

NFIB: Assemblymen Promise to Fight for Small Business COVID-19 Relief.

Posted: Thu, 06 May 2021 00:48:00 GMT [source]

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