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Amanda M. Rye

Tucked into the corner of a quiet street in Pittsburgh’s Wilkinsburg neighborhood is Madeleine Bakery & Bistro. Baker  and his co-owner and wife, Abigail Stump, opened Madeleine in 2017 as a French-inspired American bakery. The café is simply styled in white, blue and gold with most of the decor coming from the array of breads, pastries and occasional Provence-inspired field bouquet.

Andrew, who refined his technique at some of Pittsburgh’s best bakeries, wanted to focus on bringing classic technique into a small neighborhood setting. His baked goods range from classics, like buttery croissants and sourdough bread, to hyper-seasonal items, like danishes filled with fresh peaches, oats and cream.

Of the many ingredients Andrew works with, he loves oats for their versatility. “They go with an amazing amount of flavors, both as a backdrop or shining on their own,” he says. “I think toasting them is the way to go, because it brings out their buttery, nutty flavors.” 

These are some popular favorites served at the bakery that the Stumps have shared for the budding pastry chef to try at home, each with oats taking center stage.

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