3 Ways to Use Dried Lime Powder for Cooking

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Black lime, popularly known as dried lime is a common natural additive used in different recipes. It is used to add flavours in sauces, dips and dressings. Dry lime can either be sliced, whole or grounded and is mostly used as a spice in most Middle Eastern dishes. Lime powder is a common spice for most Persian dishes.

Dried lime powder comes from a walnut-sized fruit that is native to most Persian Gulf countries. It is boiled after harvested and is sun-dried to be able to remove the pulp from the leathery skin.

Dried lime powder for cooking creates a pungent dimension for the dish, giving it a distinct and complex flavour. Here are the most common ways on how dried lime powder is used for cooking.


One of the most popular ways to use dried limes in cooking dishes is by using it as a seasoning. Itc can be added as a whole or sliced, but is usually dried and grounded. It is commonly used to season salad dishes and mayonnaise dressings to be able to add a tart-lie and pungent dimension to the dish. The sour flavour of dried lime powder is also perfect for seasoning steaks and meat. If you love kebabs and barbeque, it would be nice to add a new flavour to your favourite dish by adding a dash of lime powder while cooking.

Sauce and Stew Additive

Dried lime powder is also a popular additive for sauces. These types of limes feature properties that allow it to rehydrate and infuse flavours when cooking with liquids. However, for sauces, it would be best to add them as a whole to allow it to easily yield to the liquid. If you are looking to marinate meats, lime powder is also the way to go. The ground dried lime powder can be used to add a kick of sourness in your salad, meat and pasta sauces. Dried lime powder also works well with stews. It is one of the most common natural food additives that is used in infusing flavours for braising liquid, especially with Iranian vegetable dishes. Lime powder is also a good additive for stock soups.

Rice Meals

Rice meals that are usually colourful and rich in flavour is a common dish in most Persian cuisines. It is mostly enjoyed during festivities but some are even served sweet as snacks for special occasions. Dried lime is usually added while the rice is being boiled to be able to infuse the flavour into the rice seed for a longer period of time. Rice salads are also commonly enjoyed with dried lime powder. Together with lime powder, pistachios and beans are also commonly added to the iconic Persian rice meals.

In addition, dried lime powders are also usually used by bartenders as a sour spice in their concoctions. They are applied to the rim of the glasses to add a kick to the drink or as dip slices that add a little bit of drama to the drink.

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