40 High-Protein Vegetarian Meals That Will Fill You Up

Amanda M. Rye

Delicious and satiating high-protein vegetarian meals are essential for anyone who doesn’t eat meat—or is simply trying to cut back, even once in a while. And given the number of creative, convenient recipes out there today, incorporating high-protein, plant-packed dishes into your diet has never been easier or tastier. 

What counts as high-protein? There’s not a precise number, given everybody’s daily protein needs differ depending on factors like body size and composition, activity level, and age. But you do want to include protein with every meal for sure, and a good rough target for most people who exercise and want to ensure they’re getting plenty of protein to repair their muscles—or just stay full for the next few hours—is around 20 to 30 grams a sitting, as SELF has reported. 

While a slab of meat will get you there in no time, vegetarian meals often rely on a combination of different protein sources to provide that amount. That includes animal products like eggs and dairy, as well as a wide variety of plant-based protein sources like lentils, beans, whole grains, tofu, tempeh, nuts, and seeds. So along with plenty of protein, you end up getting the other benefits of protein-rich plant foods (like fiber), as well as a nice variety of flavors and textures. 

These 40 high-protein vegetarian meals enlist a wide array of ingredients to guarantee you’ll feel full and fueled-up after eating. There are clever recipes to satisfy meaty cravings (like tacos with walnut “chorizo”), as well as fast and simple fare (like one-pan Cajun tempeh and rice). You’re sure to find a few satiating dishes here worth adding to your meatless rotation. 

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