5 Light Summer Dinner Recipes To Beat The Heat

Amanda M. Rye

It’s a fact that Indian summers are unbearably hot. We may experience hot flushes, acidity, or problems associated with an increase in the blazing temperatures. Some of the symptoms that people may face in summers are heartburn, skin eruptions, and general irritability. If it wasn’t bad enough, all the day’s sweat, dust and heat make you feel tired, and in the end, you just want to have a light meal to cool off. But stepping into the kitchen and standing in front of the hot stove is also a task in itself.

To beat the heat, we bring you some light summer dinner that you can make in no time.

Here Are 5 Easy Summer Dinners Recipes To Make:

1. Lemon Rice:

It is one of the most popular south Indian meals and is generally eaten with yogurt, raita or chutney. This dish is easy to make and has a light flavour that saves you from the heat of the spices. To cook lemon rice you would need some coriander seeds, mustard seeds, vegetable oil, curry leaves, green chillies, a small piece of ginger, peanuts and of course lemon and rice. All you need to do is throw your oil, seeds, chilli, ginger and peanuts in a pan together and let it cook for a while. To this, simply add your rice and give it a good mix. Your lemon rice will be ready in no time. Here’s a recipe for lemon rice, take a look!

lemon rice

Lemon Rice are easy to make and tasty to have

2. Curd Rice:

Now, this is easy and one of the most comforting foods to have in this scorching heat. Curd rice which is another South Indian dish, is one super quick recipe to make. All you need is vegetable oil, chillies, mustard seeds, curd and rice. Firstly, prepare your chillies and mustard seeds in the oil. While the chillies and seeds are being cooked, mix your curd and rice and add that to your oil. Stir it and let the rice cool down for some time. And you are done. Here’s a recipe for curd rice. 


Add some chillies for the extra kick. 

3. Aamras and Roti:

You can go anywhere in India, and every household will have a member who loves to aamras. Its cooling and refreshing taste slides through the mouth and gives you a revitalizing sensation. Pair it with your roti, and this simple dinner item will cool you down in no time. Click here for the recipe of aamras.


Aamras is the most refreshing thing to have in summers

4. Cold Salads:

Salads are versatile; you can choose any vegetable or fruit and pair it with nuts or protein. The lightness from the vegetables may not make you feel acidic. To enhance the taste of the salads, you can make a dressing with herbs, spices, fruit zest or even honey.


Take any kind of vegetables and make your salad mix.

5. Shrikhand and Puri:

Shrikhand is a classic, dense, and delightful Indian yoghurt sweet that is popular throughout India, particularly in Gujarat and Maharashtra. It’s made with hung and strained curd that’s been flavoured with saffron and cardamom. With the popularity of Shrikhand, one can also find a variety in flavours ranging from chocolate to badam pista. To have this in summers instantly refreshes you. Try having shrikhand with puri, and indulge your heart away. Check out the recipe of shrikhand here!


This sweet delicacy just melts in your mouth and leaves a good aftertaste.

Next time when you try any of these recipes after a long day, do let us know which one you liked the most!

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