5 recipes that prove breakfast foods are perfect for dinner

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Credit: nick.digiovanni, kolby_kash, thejoshelkin/TikTok

Credit: nick.digiovanni, kolby_kash, thejoshelkin/TikTok

Who says you can’t eat breakfast for dinner? Eating breakfast foods for dinner is a great option when you’re in a rush, trying to use up the leftover ingredients in your pantry or just craving something different. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not eat it twice? Here are five creative breakfast-for-dinner recipes from TikTok.

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1. Breakfast burrito

This decadent breakfast burrito is packed with all of your favorite breakfast foods! To make it, cook up some ground sausage, jalapeños, onions, eggs and hash browns, and place them on a tortilla. Then add some bacon, avocado and plenty of cheese. Roll up your burrito and heat it on a skillet until the tortilla begins to brown. Then serve it with sour cream and hot sauce for an extra kick!

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2. Breakfast pizza

This easy-to-make breakfast pizza is perfect for pizza-lovers and breakfast-lovers alike! To make it, whisk three eggs with a bit of dried oregano and cook them in a pan. Once the eggs begin to solidify, add a tortilla to the pan, covering the eggs. After cooking for one more minute, flip the tortilla over and top it with sliced mozzarella, pepperoni and dried oregano. Finally, cover the pan and cook for another minute until the bottom of the tortilla gets crispy and the cheese melts.

3. Bacon pancakes

These pancakes have bacon slices cooked right into them! To make them, TikToker @littlecajunhouse simply places a few slices of bacon on a griddle, cooking them through. Then they pour a bit of pancake batter on top of each bacon slice, flipping the bacon pancakes once the pancake begins to brown. The finished pancakes are the perfect combination of sweet and savory!

4. Breakfast ‘sushi’

This breakfast “sushi” is wrapped in bacon and stuffed with eggs, cheese and potatoes. To make it, TikToker @angiefromthe505 basket-weaves enough bacon to make a large rectangle almost as long and wide as a sheet pan. Then she covers the bacon in a mix of mashed tater tots and eggs, tops it with cheese and seasons it with salt and pepper. Finally, she rolls the bacon into a cylinder and shows in a follow-up video how to bake the sushi and slice it to serve. 

5. Chicken in a waffle

Chicken and waffles are a match made in heaven! For this “chicken in a waffle” dish, TikToker @nick.digiovanni cooks the chicken and waffle together! To make it, he seasons and fries up a chicken drumstick. Then he coats the drumstick in waffle batter, places it in a waffle iron and cooks it until the waffle batter browns. Once the waffle is done, the “chicken in a waffle” is ready to eat with a bit of maple syrup!

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