Bay Area food truck operator uses authentic Mexican recipes to replicate a true taqueria on wheels

Amanda M. Rye

David Rosales features flavors from his home in Mexico on his food truck called Wakamole’.

“I’m originally from Mexico City and my goal was to bring up truly Mexican food to the Clearwater area, the Tampa Bay area,” shared Rosales.

He prides himself on serving authentic Mexican recipes. 

“Truly Mexican food, especially when you’re talking about tacos, the most common would be onions cilantro and lime. And then usually you have a choice of hot sauce, which is salsa that we make every day.”

The mouthwatering recipes all feature fresh ingredients and local produce.

“I actually buy all of my produce from a local produce store here in Clearwater, Tommy’s,” stated Rosales. “They get a lot of stuff from Mexico which I love. It’s a big part of why all of our food is so authentic.”

Using those ingredients and his creative flair, the Wakamole’ truck has developed a loyal following.

“One of our best sellers is a menu item called a ‘Costra’ which is really popular where I’m from,” said Rosales. “It’s basically a quesadilla, but the difference is we put the cheese on the grill… on the flattop… and that cheese becomes a crispy layer and we put the meat inside it.”

Rosales started Wakamole’ three years ago with a very direct purpose.

“My goal was always to replicate a Mexico City taqueria,” he said. “Which is basically fast-service, friendly and really authentic. That’s my three core values.”

As for making those values play out every day, Rosales keeps it simple.

“I treat every customer like they are my friends,” he shared.

To find out more about Wakamole,’ call  (727) 871-9252 or visit

For Wakamole’s current location, visit its social media pages: 


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