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Valheim – Every Food Recipe


Eating in Valheim is as important as in real life, so having a lot of food recipes available could be vital to your progression through the game. Eating various meals results in different buffs gained, with some really significant ones like expanding your Stamina and Health gauge. They completely alter the way you explore, so it is highly recommended to have some food for each occasion, at hand. Below, I’ll list down all of the recipes that are currently in-game (or at least every single one that’s been found until now) so go ahead and write these down for future reference.

Every food recipe in Valheim


Blood Pudding

  • x2 Thistle
  • x2 Bloodbag
  • x4 Barley flour

Carrot Soup

Cooked Lox Meat

Cooked Serpent Meat

Cooked Meat

Cooked Fish

  • Cook any fish on the Cooking Stand

Fish Wraps

  • x2 Cooked Fish
  • x4 Barley flour

Grilled Neck Tail


  • x8 Raspberries
  • x8
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This Shrimp Creole recipe is a one-pot classic New Orleans dish

Today is Mardi Gras. For a New Orleans native like me, that usually means a day of costuming, hanging out with family and friends, catching beads at parades, eating yummy food, listening to great music and so much great people-watching.

We’ve all been living with what feels like perpetual FOMO, but if this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we have to make the best of the hand we have been dealt.

As for me, I’m taking the day off. I will put on my furry cat ears and paint whiskers on my face, click on my New Orleans and Carnival music playlist and make a big pot of New Orleans comfort food.

That’s where this Shrimp Creole comes in. This recipe is adapted from one served as a special at Lil Dizzy’s Cafe in New Orleans, which had been run by Wayne Baquet Sr. and his wife,

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That Baked Feta Pasta and Other Viral TikTok Food Trends

Finnish food blogger Jenni Häyrinen developed her recipe for baked feta pasta two years ago, but now, thanks to TikTok, it’s gone viral on an international scale. The recipe is simple: bake some cherry tomatoes and a block of feta cheese in olive oil, and then stir in cooked noodles. It’s appealing to the eyes and easy enough for even a culinary rookie to make.


Baked feta pasta with cherry tomatoes!! Recipe on blog • Inspired by @grilledcheesesocial 😘 #tiktokpartner #LearnOnTikTok #fetapasta #recipes

♬ original sound – Feel Good Foodie

“Timing is everything and the right people need to share it,” Häyrinen says in an email. “Because of the pandemic, a lot of people need to make a quick lunch or dinner at home on a daily basis.”

Whatever it was, people have taken to it. Thousands of TikTok users have tried the recipe, making it go viral seemingly

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7 Vegetarian Chinese Food Recipes To Make at Home

One of the perks of cooking at home is getting to control exactly what’s in your meals—and that’s especially beneficial if you’re vegetarian. While many Chinese dishes that are popular in the U.S.—like hot and sour soup, potstickers, and kung pao chicken—are made with meat, Chinese cuisine has a vast repertoire of plant-based and vegetarian dishes that have long gone overlooked in the United States. And it’s time to give these dishes some love.

Rounded up here are vegetarian Chinese food recipes to try at home, from dishes that are naturally plant-based to veggie-fied versions of your favorite takeout picks. As you’ll see, tofu is a common meat swap-out, so be sure to have that on hand. All the recipes are veggie-forward too, which means your fiber base will be covered no matter which one you choose to make for dinner.

Keep reading for 7 vegetarian Chinese food ideas

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