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Missing family during the pandemic? Celebrate your ancestry with recipes.

Homemade cardamom bread sprinkled with pearl sugar is an annual treat in the DeRosa home in Cranston, Rhode Island. The family’s two young boys, 11 and 14, tell stories about their Granduncle Olof as it bakes: his family farm in New England, his cows, his truck, his big hands, and his recipe for bread, which he learned from his mother, who immigrated from Sweden.

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The DeRosa family found that making ancestral recipes like cardamon bread lifted the boys’ spirits when they started growing tired of homeschooling during the pandemic. It kept the boys motivated, says Family Dinner Project director Anne Fishel, who collects and studies stories like these.

“The pandemic is giving parents a chance to share memories [like family recipes] that are really important to them that they want their kids to remember,” says Fishel, who’s also a clinical psychologist

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13 Best Molly Yeh Recipes from DIY Funfetti Cake to Scallion Pancake Challah

If you’re into food, you’re very likely into Molly Yeh’s recipes. The voice behind the blog My Name is Yeh and cookbooks Molly on the Range and Short Stack Yogurt, as well as the host of Food Network’s Girl Meets Farm, Molly’s brightly flavored—and often brightly colored—recipes call out to devoted fans from around the world. Not to brag, but I’ve been cooking from her blog for years, before the girl even met the farm.

Luckily, Yeh’s been a friend of Food52’s for a while, too, so we’ve scored some of her most creative recipes, including a gingerbread farmhouse (wow!). For 13 sprinkle-heavy, tahini-slicked, pastel-frosted, crispy-crunchy Molly Yeh recipes—don’t worry, those are all different foods!—read on.

Genius Recipes–Approved

In my humble opinion, there’s nothing more genius than roasted potatoes dipped in mayo. Oh wait, yes there is: roasted potatoes dipped in mayo spiked with paprika and vinegar.


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Nigella Lawson’s Best Comfort Food Recipes

With the whole of the UK living under strict COVID-related restrictions right now, we all deserve (nay, need) to surround ourselves with delicious treats. And, with so much time to spare, why not have a go at creating your favourites at home? Everyone has that one dish that brings them comfort – be it a chocolatey dessert or a carb-heavy main. And you may be surprised to learn how easy yours is to cook from scratch – especially if you enlist the help of a famous chef. Luckily, Nigella Lawson has tonnes of comfort food recipes on her website (and beyond), and I’ve picked out a few of the best below.

According to the Office of National Statistics, 45% of people in Britain said they used baking as a coping mechanism during the first lockdown. You couldn’t open Instagram without seeing someone’s sourdough starter or perfected banana bread recipe.

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23 Super Bowl Instant Pot Recipes To Try Out On Sunday

It doesn’t matter what your plans are for the big game, as long as a Super Bowl Instant Pot recipe is involved in some way. Whether you’re tuning in virtually with a Zoom party or simply watching with your dog from the comfort of your couch, it will all be made better with a simple meal scooped right from a pot.

The great thing about an Instant Pot recipe is that it’ll look (and taste) like it required a great deal of effort to make. And yet the opposite is actually true. Once you do the initial chopping and dicing, all you need to do is dump the ingredients into the pot, and kick back while your food basically prepares itself.

This will provide plenty of time to chat with friends, laugh at the hilarious commercials and actually watch the game. Because the last thing you want to do at

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