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Almost every person in the entire world who likes to travel would love to visit Europe whenever they are given the opportunity. Who does not want to travel through the trains, local buses, and would want to hitch-hike the long and peaceful roads that are spread all over the continent and the best part is, you can travel to any destination. The entire continent is famous for being peaceful, clean, fresh, and all the good things one can think of.

Ido Fishman’s Food Journey

Most importantly, people all over Europe are welcoming, friendly, respectful, and like to follow their traditions. This is exactly what Ido Fishman Chef had found so much attractive about Europe but what attracted him the most was the food that he tried and loved there.

In today’s time, many European dishes being served outside Europe are the ones that are selected and the restaurants think are more presentable than others. However, European cuisines are filled with taste, presentation, and love from the people who make them for their families, friends, and customers alike. This is exactly what Ido Fishman was after as he did not want to go for the dishes that were famous outside Europe but the ones that the locals loved the most.

Therefore, Ido Fishman has shared some of the dishes that he saw that European locals love to eat and savor:


It is one of the most delicious and beautiful looking dessert foods that the people from Slovenia love to have. Whether it is Christmas, New Year, or any other celebration or event, the Slovenians love to prepare Potica, which is their traditional nut roll. The first ingredient for the preparation of Potica is the sweet dough which is layered with a sweetener that looks like honey and a paste that is prepared from either poppy seeds or walnuts.

Once the layers have been set, the thin dough is then rolled up and baked, which brings out the most delicious sweet dishes from Slovenia.


Currywurst is a famous local dish from Germany and the people eat it there just like the British eat fish & chips. For the Currywurst, you would see the chefs or the cooks frying Bratwurst, which is the pork sausage. Most of the time, the pork sausage is cut into slices before being served. Whether sliced or not, the sausages are then mixed with ketchup sauce to season them. Finally, these seasoned pork sausage slices are served with French fries.


As per Ido Fishman, if you are into European food or want to try European food, then you must have at least heard of Goulash from Hungary. It is one of the most savored dishes in the entire Hungary region where every family gathering is incomplete without it. So if you ever end up traveling to Hungary or even close to it, then you must try Goulash once in your life.

The Goulash Soup is known for the number of spices that are used during the preparation and seasoning of the soup. Most of the time, the Hungarians use paprika while preparing the soup for Goulash with vegetables and a stew of meat. Although Goulash is prepared all over Europe the main hub and the tastiest Goulash can only be found in Hungary.


Cevapi is one of the most consumed dishes in Herzegovina and Bosnia. So if you ever visited either of these countries and feel like having ground beef sausages that are grilled skinless, then you must try Cevapi.

Do not worry about the quantity of Cevap that you are served with, the dish comes served with onions, a roasted red pepper spread known as “ajvar”, flatbread, and creamy kajmak cheese.


This is again a dish that is known and eaten all over the European countries but has originated from Poland. Filled with sauerkraut, ground meat, potatoes, at times fruits, and cheese, these are dumplings that are consumed on a very large scale in Poland.

The Polish love dumplings the same way the Japanese do and they love to add so many things on top of the dumplings to make them tastier. Most of the time, people pour fried onion, sour cream, and even butter over the dumplings before they hit their taste buds.

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