My New Favorite 2-in-1 Knife Makes Meal Prep So Much Easier (It’s on Sale!)

Amanda M. Rye

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I think it was something along the lines of “This is the last one, I promise!” that I told my girlfriend after ripping open yet another cardboard package containing a sharp new addition to my already overflowing knife cabinet. (And, it’s a good thing she doesn’t read my articles, because this certainly is not the last one.) However, I just have to weather her mild annoyance unbridled fury, since — as I’ve recently learned — a massive cleaver is just too awesome not to have at my disposal.    

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that I can’t get enough of a) sick-looking knives, and b) multi-functional kitchen tools. And, when I come across a product that blends those two categories together — as is the case with this 8-inch Chinese cleaver from Mercer Cutlery — I immediately feel a sharp pain in my wallet, since most of the time, that confluence comes with a hefty price tag. However, even if it weren’t on sale (which it is), this cleaver might just be the most affordable and useful knife in your drawer.

Alright, I would, in fact, be lying if I said that looking absolutely sweet didn’t influence me when I clicked “add to cart” as soon as I saw this bad boy. However, I wasn’t really expecting something that would make its way into my daily knife rotation. But, when I finally got the chance to test it out, I was wowed. Not only does this blade look incredibly cool, but it’s extremely sharp; it has an easy-to-grip, ergonomic handle; it’s a cinch to clean because of its wide face; and it’s hefty enough to whack through cartilage and tough joints when breaking down larger cuts of meat. (But, don’t forget that this is a chef’s knife, so I’d keep the bone-hacking to a minimum if you want to preserve the edge.)

The best part of the blade, in my opinion, has to be its unparalleled place at the top of the meal prep podium. Why? Well, because its massive (but not overwhelming) face doubles as a bench scraper, which means when I’m prepping large quantities of vegetables, meats, herbs, fruits, or other ingredients, I can seamlessly chop, scoop, and transfer into containers, bowls, or cookware in one fell swoop. 

The knife is also made from one piece of top-quality, high-carbon Japanese steel for easy sharpening and a long-lasting edge, and features a rosewood handle and triple-rivet design, which means it’s built to last. And, I’m not the only one who’s been digging on this uniquely shaped blade. With a 4.6-star average rating from over 1,900 reviews on Amazon, it’s clear that this sucker has won over nearly everyone who’s picked it up. “Amazing workhorse,” one five-star reviewer writes. “It does everything I need. It retains the edge a lot longer than my other chef knives. This is my third Mercer and I can’t think of a better knife for the price, it works better [than] my other higher price cleavers.” 

So, if you’re in the market for a new, affordable, all-purpose knife that looks great, has a wicked-sharp blade, doubles as a bench scraper, and is a snap to clean, look no further than the 8-inch Chinese cleaver from Mercer Cutlery. 

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