How to cook with leftover pickle juice – recipe | Food

Pickle juice (especially when it’s lacto-fermented) is the perfect solution in which to brine a ham, chicken or chop. The salt content and aromatics are just right to create the ideal conditions for an umami flavour explosion, while at the same time tenderising the meat.

Today’s recipe was inspired by Joel Gamoran, a fellow zero-waste chef based in the US who runs a cooking school called Homemade. I called Joel to find out a little more about his recipe, and he was quick to tell me that brining pork chops is only one of the many amazing things you can do with pickle juice: “It’s also really good for brining chicken for frying, and it makes the best cocktails, dressings and aïolis.” He also suggests adding a drizzle to soups: “It brings them to life.”

Speaking of cocktails, to make a pickleback shot, simply mix 25ml each

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Feta cheese tips: How to choose, store and cook with it beyond the TikTok pasta recipe

“People think of feta as one cheese, but feta is a multitude of cheeses,” Keenan says. “Cheddar is not one thing. It’s a style, and so is feta. Think of it as a category of cheese.”

What is feta, and how is it made?

Feta as we know it has been around since the 12th century. It gets its name from the Italian word “fetta,” meaning slice. It falls into the category of fresh cheeses and is simply prepared. Traditionally, milk is heated, mixed with probiotic cultures and rennet to coagulate, drained of its whey, sprinkled with salt, brined and then aged in barrels, tins or baskets for at least two months.

“Any attempt to trace feta’s origins leads a researcher straight into quicksand,” Janet Fletcher wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle. “In the Balkans, every country makes this chalk-white cheese, and every country thinks it invented it.”


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Every Food Recipe in Valheim (& How to Cook Them)

It’s important to eat well in Valheim, as different combinations of food can provide important buffs. There are currently 14 recipes players can cook.

In survival games like Valheim, making sure to have access to good food is extremely important. At the start of a new game, players will likely find their Viking foraging for foods like berries and mushrooms in the Meadows biome. However, as players begin to explore and progress, they will be able to access more food items, including meats, Honey, fish, and root vegetables. Once players have a Cooking Stand built in their home, they will be able to cook meals for themselves. Eventually, they can discover more complex recipes. Upon consuming these recipes, players will receive various buffs that can be useful when summoning and fighting bosses or simply trying to explore more of the world in new ways.

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What Our Food Reporters and Editors Make When They’re Too Tired to Cook

If it’s your job to think about food all day, your enthusiasm for meal planning may have plummeted as the pandemic has worn on. Though members of the NYT Food team may occasionally be tired of cooking, they never tire of talking about cooking. These are the dishes that perennially sustain, nourish and even inspire them.

When the last thing in the world I want to do is cook, the best thing to do is order a pizza. When cooking is only the second-to-last thing in the world I want to do, it’s time for a grilled cheese sandwich or, lately, a kimchi grilled cheese sandwich. And if it’s not so much the cooking that’s got me down but the sheer physical and mental exhaustion of life in 2021, I just boil some water for pasta with brown butter and Parmesan, then don’t brown the butter because I’m

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