Check Out Rihanna’s Easy Mac and Cheese Recipe


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As Rihanna once said sang, “You know I got the sauce, you know I’m saucy,” and we couldn’t help but wonder, was she referring to herself or her macaroni and cheese recipe? The singer shared her recipe with Esquireback in 2014, but it has recently reemerged thanks to TikTok, giving fans a taste of her cooking skills. It was quickly noticed that she adds a bit more to her pasta than just cheese, and while the ingredients might seem a little interesting, they work together to create a dish like no other.

Rihanna’s secret to her iconic recipe includes three standout ingredients: ketchup, mustard, and pepper sauce. Thanks to these saucy additions, it’s not quite the same as the typical mac and cheese you might

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21 Easy Summer Dinners You’ll Cook (or Throw Together) on Repeat

When temperatures soar above 80 degrees, it’s OK to use the word “cook” loosely. This time of year, dinners are often made on the fly anyway, tossed together after a day at a park or by a pool. The New York Times Cooking recipes below stick to those unwritten rules of summer cooking: They must be bright and quick, with absolutely no oven required.

This Seville-style gazpacho from Julia Moskin makes the perfect lunch or dinner on days when turning on the stove sounds sacrilegious. This chilled, creamy (but creamless!) soup takes a cool 20 minutes to blend, season and strain.

A well-dressed salad can make for a light but filling summer meal. “Adding to the chorus of folks saying this dressing is stellar!” one commenter wrote of the umami-rich blend of cashews, garlic, mustard, miso paste and caper brine in this recipe from Becky Hughes. If it’s too hot

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3 easy meal prep recipes for healthy summer cooking

Not to brag, but I was really good at meal prepping when my kids were little. Every week, I had a plan for what we were going to eat. I made a list and bought all the groceries I needed, I remembered to defrost the chicken breasts the day before I was going to cook them, and I would rip up and wash a whole head of lettuce so it would be easy to make salads all week.

Somewhere along the way, I let this good habit slide. Now most days, I don’t have a plan. I forage in the freezer for something that can defrost in time for dinner, and order the other ingredients I need from Instacart, adding random stuff like seltzer to my order to meet the minimum amount for delivery.

I needed to reignite my meal prep habit. “The Ultimate Meal Prep Cookbook from America’s

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10 Easy 3-Ingredient Plant-Based Recipes

If you are short of time, find yourself in the need of a quick sweet treat, have an unannounced guest, or simply are not in the mood for cooking, there are a bunch of recipes just for you.

These three-ingredient recipes come in the form of quick snacks, delicious desserts, emergency breakfasts, picnic treats, garden party side dishes, and condiments.

Many of these super easy ideas use ingredients that are usually already lurking in our pantries and fridges and can be whipped up in no time.  With these OGP three-ingredient recipes you can have your guests and friends believing you have either been in the kitchen all afternoon, elbow-deep in packets, jars, produce, and washing-up.

1.  3-Ingredient Artisan Bread

Three-Ingredient Artisan Bread [Vegan]

Source: 3-Ingredient Artisan Bread/One Green Planet

No need to pop to the store when you run out of bread.  Just make yourself one of Faith VanderMolen‘s 3-Ingredient Artisan Bread loaves.  With

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