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Banh canh thit heo – pork udon

This very simple noodle soup really hits the spot every time and is great for days when you want a soup but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. There is something so comforting about thick noodles; they are almost luxuriously pillowy. Here, I use Japanese udon noodles for ease. Apart from the beautiful flavour of the broth that the free-range pork belly gives, the crispy fried shallots add so much to it. Plus the pleasing zing of lime juice brings everything together. If this becomes your midweek household favourite, remember it’s an excellent base to add leftover vegetables or whatever you have to hand.

Serves 4
free-range pork belly 400g, skin and excess fat removed
boiling water 1.5 litres
white onion 1
daikon 10cm piece
sea salt 1 tsp
rock sugar 20g
chicken or pork powder 1 tsp (optional)
fish sauce

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More easy, fast, delicious recipes for your next week of meals

After publishing our initial “Week of Meals” series back in March, we wanted to hear from you, our readers, before moving forward with it to see if this was something you wanted on a regular basis. Suffice it to say, the feedback we got was a resounding “MORE, PLEASE!” So, we’re here to deliver. While one day we may have the ability to do this series more often, for now, we’re going to make it a monthly recurrence. You can look forward to new “Week of Meals” recipes the first Sunday of each month. Each will be brought to you by SoCal chefs, food bloggers, cookbook authors and cooks of all stripes, with the intent to show you how they get dinner on the table quickly and easily without sacrificing flavor.

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This Easy Chicken Paella Recipe Is Perfect If You Are In No Mood To Cook

There are days when we want to make a full three-course meal, complete with appetisers, main course and even dessert. There are other days, however, when we would rather not cook such elaborate recipes. The struggle to think of new and innovative dishes is quite real for all home chefs, especially when the motivation to cook is minimal. Worry not – we have the perfect recipe for you which is simple, fuss-free and ready in no time. This Chicken Paella recipe is a simple one-pot meal that will satiate you without having to spend hours slaving over the gas stove.

Paella is a dish which is said to have originated in Valencia, which is Spain’s rice-producing region. The term ‘Paella’ actually refers to the special pan in which the one-pot meal is cooked. Legend suggests that farmers in the region invented the dish by combining meat, vegetables and rice in

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Recipes for Ramadan: quick and easy Moroccan harira soup from Jane Jeffes | Australian food and drink

Food has a special place in Ramadan.

Over the years I’ve been a guest at many “iftar” dinners, breaking the daily Ramadan fast with Muslim friends and colleagues. Sharing food, culture and conversation has forged real friendships, increased my understanding and love for the diversity of cultures and histories that make up modern Australia, and added a host of new recipes to my repertoire. In homes around the country, people are retracing traditions from all four corners of the globe – and creating new ones.

As a bit of background, Ramadan commemorates the time when the Prophet Muhammed is believed to have received the first revelations that would become the Qur’an, the central religious text of Islam. It’s the most important month in the Muslim calendar and a time for self-reflection, self-restraint and charity. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and officially starts with the first

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