Kate Middleton’s favourite foods are surprisingly normal: From home-cooked meals to family recipes

Julie Delahaye

When we think of royal menus, we might envisage the height of sophistication. Think decadent banquets, lavish recipes and luxury ingredients. Although the royals do inevitably enjoy an indulgent spread from time to time, you may be surprised to learn that most of the Duchess of Cambridge‘s favourite foods are actually very relatable! 

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Kate has been known to sample everything from wild geoduck sashimi to ice cream during official engagements and on royal tours, but as a busy mother-of-three, her home-cooked meals are nothing out of the ordinary.

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Even better, it turns out many of

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Yotam Ottolenghi’s favourite rice recipes | Food

Rice is one of my main comforts these days, not least because this special grain transports me wherever I want to go – all from the confines of my own kitchen, of course. The thing about rice is, it has a dynamic wardrobe. Yes, it’s small and unassuming, and it does subtlety really well –plain and buttered? I’ll definitely have that – but leave rice with a choice of costumes and, well, things soon get really colourful. Rice looks just as good dressed in the flavours of the Mediterranean as it does dolled up in Persian cardamom and lime. In fact, it looks good no matter what it has on, and I think it sort of knows it, too.

Mediterranean-style fried rice with anchovy lemon dressing (pictured above)

This has all the wonderful qualities of classic fried rice, with those lovely crisp bits and salty bits, except here they’re

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