Terri Mercieca’s recipes for vanilla ice-cream parfait sandwich and sundae | Food

My surname is an anagram of ice-cream, so it was kind of inevitable that I’d end up being an ice-cream maker – and I’m fine with that. This vanilla parfait has been with me since I was a whippersnapper pastry apprentice; we didn’t have an ice-cream machine, even though it was the best restaurant in Sydney at the time (1997). It’s a tried, tested and much-loved go-to, and I’m using it as the base for two icy treats: an ice-cream sammie and a sundae. I’ve gone for a tropical Australian vibe, so get your spoons ready, because, let’s face it: everybody loves parfait.

Vanilla parfait

Prep 40 min
Cook 5 min
Freeze 4 hr+
Makes 500g, serving 8-10

3 medium eggs
ml water
0g caster sugar
vanilla bean, split and seeds scraped out
1 big pinch (1g)
sea salt – I use Maldon
450g double

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Nigel Slater’s recipes for carrots with cashews, and with basil cream | Food

A fat bunch of late summer carrots, long, slim and with feathery plumes, is a sight to lift the spirits. In the kitchen, they grate without turning to mush the way the early spring varieties do, and are substantial enough to become, along with onions and celery, the backbone of the first slowly simmered dish of the autumn.

Raw or lightly steamed, the carrot’s inherent sweetness is tamed with something sour – a dash of lemon juice, a spoonful of thick yoghurt or kefir, or a tangle of red cabbage. Roasted they will soften while their edges become as chewy as toffee – a vehicle for a sharp sauce or dressing with crème fraîche or lemon oil. To modernise a retro grated carrot salad I like to add pink, lightly pickled onions, chopped lemon thyme or Japanese pickles.

I rather like the multi-coloured carrots you find in farm shops and

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If street food is your first love, try this recipe of Namkeen Gol Gappa

They say relationships should be like gol gappe – crunchy, a little spicy and full of emotions and we can’t agree more, hardcore street food lovers that we are. If street food is your first love too, we have good news for you as we have dug up a mouthwatering recipe of Namkeen Gol Gappa.

Street food lovers have one thing in common – they eat gol gappe like they’ll never have a chance again. In case you are one of them, check out this recipe of Namkeen Gol Gappa and binge on a unlimited platter of this lip smacking dish till your stomach permits.

Ingredients for 10 puris:

½ cup pomegranate seeds

½ cup masala chana

½ cup boiled corn

½ cup grated processed cheese

¼ cup roasted garlic mayo

2 tsp chaat masala

Juice of 1 lemon

Chopped coriander


In a mixing bowl, toss together pomegranate seeds,

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Salty, sweet and sour: Smoking Goat’s recipes for Thai salads | Food

Som tum of clams and garlic

The back streets of Bangkok’s Chinatown are a heady mix of humidity, noise and delicious plates of food at every turn. The first time I got out of the taxi, straight from the air-conditioned airport, I was overawed. On a busy corner, at a small grill with lobsters slowly charring and a pok-pok (or mortar) drumming a beat, I found a moment to take a breath with a bowl of blood cockles in a warped wooden bowl. This central Thai style of som tum is rich, sweet and heavy on the garlic and chilli. The fresh Dorset clams we use give some salty sweetness, which helps break up the fire. These flavours are satisfying alongside smoky, slow-grilled meat and fish, where the charred flesh and fat make an alluring contrast. At the restaurant, we use a range of seasonal greens in this dish: the

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