Are Air Fryers Actually Healthy?

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Collage: VICE / Images: Koh Ewe

Fried food is a fixture in most people’s diets and, admit it, that probably includes you. It has earned itself a solid reputation as an artery-clogging but oh-so-comforting binge-eating staple. And now that being health-conscious is more than a passing trend, people are finding ways to have French fries without getting caught with grease on their hands. Enter the air fryer: the Jetsonian kitchen tool that promises deep-fried crispiness with a fraction of the fat.

Air fryers are not exactly the latest kitchen invention but with more people exploring their culinary skills during the pandemic, the spaceship-like gadget has skyrocketed to popularity. They’re convenient, oil-free, and super versatile. People are now sharing recipes for air-fried chicken, Brussels sprouts, and even blueberry muffins. But can you air-fry everything? And is it even really healthy? That’s what I wanted to find out.

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Meet Shaun Chavis, Founder of LVNGbook, a Customizable, Shoppable Cookbook For Healthy, Delicious Recipes

A lot more people are cooking these days, but cookbooks have always been great resources for not just recipes but ideas for living healthier lifestyles. Cookbook author and food journalist Shaun Chavis is now taking food recommendations into the future as the founder and CEO of a new cookbook platform called LVNGbook.

Pronounced “living book,” LVNGbook is the first customizable, shoppable cookbook generator and planner intended to not only help people with specific dietary needs manage and prevent health issues like diabetes and heart disease, but also develop lasting eating habits.

LVNGbook Cover 1Not only can users create custom cookbooks to help treat illnesses, but the cookbooks also are integrated with Instacart through a QR code, meaning you can shop for the ingredients to make your recipe and have them shipped directly to your home using the camera app on your mobile phone. 

Chavis enlisted Atlanta-based Ntegral to build LVNGbook’s digital

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