That Baked Feta Pasta and Other Viral TikTok Food Trends

Finnish food blogger Jenni Häyrinen developed her recipe for baked feta pasta two years ago, but now, thanks to TikTok, it’s gone viral on an international scale. The recipe is simple: bake some cherry tomatoes and a block of feta cheese in olive oil, and then stir in cooked noodles. It’s appealing to the eyes and easy enough for even a culinary rookie to make.


Baked feta pasta with cherry tomatoes!! Recipe on blog • Inspired by @grilledcheesesocial 😘 #tiktokpartner #LearnOnTikTok #fetapasta #recipes

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“Timing is everything and the right people need to share it,” Häyrinen says in an email. “Because of the pandemic, a lot of people need to make a quick lunch or dinner at home on a daily basis.”

Whatever it was, people have taken to it. Thousands of TikTok users have tried the recipe, making it go viral seemingly

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Redditor finds secret pasta sauce recipe hidden in his garage

David, a medical laboratory scientist who posts to Reddit as orestes77, was pulling down some old pegboard in his Denver, Colorado garage when he found an envelope with “spaghetti recipe” written across the front hidden behind the wall.

“From the spot it was placed and the way it was worded, I am certain it was left there for a future owner to find one day,” David told TODAY Food.

David shared a photo for the recipe in the Old_Recipes subreddit recently, and his fellow vintage recipe enthusiasts were wowed by the ingredients list, which includes a gallon of chopped onions, five pounds of ground beef and a half cup of salt.

“It’s interesting that it makes so much,” David said. “Was it for a restaurant?”

Even more interesting is the painstaking detail the recipe writer, someone named Bill Engleman, takes with his instructions, giving specific directions to

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Reddit User Finds Secret Pasta Sauce Recipe in 1947 Garage Wall

  • A Reddit user discovered a very detailed recipe for spaghetti sauce inside the walls of his garage in Denver.
  • His house was built in 1947 and no one managed to find the slip of paper before now.
  • He shared photos of the relic to the subreddit r/OldRecipes, and group members were in awe over the relic.

    Imagine moving into a new home and cleaning out your garage to find an old envelope with the words “Spaghetti Recipe” scribbled on the front. That’s what happened to David, or orestes77 on Reddit, while he was removing old pegboards from his garage walls in Denver. And when he retrieved said envelope, he was surprised to actually discover very detailed, handwritten cooking instructions for a spaghetti sauce inside.

    “From the spot it was placed and the way it was worded, I am certain it was left there for a future owner to find

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    TikTok’s viral baked feta pasta is worth the hype

    Though Tiiu Piret posted a version of the dish on her blog in February 2018, fellow Finnish blogger Jenni Hayrinen is credited with making uunifetapasta (Finnish for “oven-baked feta pasta”) go viral in her country after posting her simplified version a year later. “The stores actually ran out of feta cheese here,” Hayrinen told Today.

    The baked feta pasta phenomenon came stateside once MacKenzie Smith, the blogger behind Grilled Cheese Social, posted a video to her TikTok of yet another rendition at the end of January (though she posted it to her blog in June 2019). Smith’s single video has now gained nearly 3 million views as of the writing of this article, with the #bakedfetapasta hashtag collectively amassing 52 million views and counting on TikTok.

    The premise is simple: Toss a block of feta, tomatoes and a bunch of olive oil together in a pan and throw it

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