Strawberry Skittles Bomb Daiquiri Recipe and Photos


If you’re as obsessed with Skittles as I am, you know there’s no bad way to eat them. From adding them to popcorn (it’s delicious, trust me) to putting them in cookies or fudge to just snacking on them straight out of the bag, the fruity candy always hits the spot. In fact, the flavors are so good that they also work in cocktail form! If you’re still not sold, let me introduce you to this Strawberry Skittles Bomb Daiquiri.

The perfect drink for lounging by the pool during the summer, to summon warmer weather in the winter, or as a just-because treat, you’ll want to make this daiquiri on every day that ends in y. It’s easy, too: just combine two flavors of rum, a strawberry mixer, and Skittles, and you have one of the best frozen drinks you’ll ever try. It’s sweet but not so sweet that you

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Nigel Slater’s recipes for cherry almond tart and strawberry parfait | Food

I’m packing a picnic. (Give me a pork pie, a punnet of cherries and a picnic rug and I could barely be happier.) The best picnic food is inevitably the simplest. Nothing fussy; nothing that will wilt or dry up or spill. Just lovely big food to share. A pie, a tart, a big bag or two of fruit. Oh, and a bottle of ginger beer.

If it is to be a proper picnic, there has to be some seasonal fruit. Generally, I would say that cherries travel most successfully when kept cool by ice packs, but another way is to bake them into a tart and take the whole thing, baking tray and all, with you. Make it a deep tart rather than the sort of shallow tart you find in

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