What to make with sweet corn: 3 unique summer recipes | Food

When friends ask about my favorite foods, my answer changes with the season. During the summer, the answer is corn, and I enjoy it as often as possible in any form.

One of summer’s greatest pleasures is grilled corn. As it turns out, there are two ways to grill corn: in and out of the husk.

To cook corn in the husk, first do your best to extract the silk from whole ears, taking care to keep the husk intact. After a soak in cool water, the ears can be roasted over a gas or charcoal grill, turning often until the husks are beautifully charred, about 30 minutes. The interior will taste of smoke and sweetness. Be sure to roast at least two per guest — nobody will eat just one.

Grilling shucked ears adds char directly to the kernels and takes a mere 15 minutes on the grill. This

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Viral Recipe: Unique Pasta Chips Is The Latest Food Trend You Must Try

There is no dearth of creative and innovative food trends on the internet. In 2020, we saw recipes such as Dalgona coffee and banana bread go viral and how. Everyone tried their hands at making these delicious treats at home using recipes available online. This year too has been nothing short of unexpected in terms of viral recipes. There was the tomato feta pasta recipe which went viral, followed by the delicious instant noodles made with brown sugar and soya sauce. And now, another unique recipe has taken the internet by storm. These unique pasta chips are the latest food trend that has been spotted online.

Just as the name suggests, pasta chips are basically a crunchy snack made with readymade pasta. The food trend has become viral on multiple social media platforms, with numerous bloggers trying out its different versions.

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