‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Favorite Recipes

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond shared with her fans on many occasions that she loves food. Whether it’s chocolate cake or a delicious pot roast, she’s ready to dig in. The Food Network cook has a list of favorite recipes that make her taste buds sing with delight. Here are three of The Pioneer Woman’s favorite recipes.

Buttered rosemary rolls

Ree Drummond and the Property Brothers

Ree Drummond and the Property Brothers | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Hearst

One of Drummond’s favorite foods isn’t a dinner or lunch item, it’s an appetizer. The Accidental Country Girl revealed on her blog she’s a big fan of buttered rosemary rolls. On her website, she jokes you’ll be “loved” if you serve these rolls to friends and family.

“Wanna be loved?” writes Drummond. “Park these on the dinner table next time you have guests over. Pull-apart, herbalicious perfection.” Drummond says she developed a taste for rosemary rolls after

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Maryland Woman Loses 15 Pounds During Quarantine Cooking All Meals at Home Using This Service

For the past three months, the coronavirus pandemic has changed life as we knew it. Arguably, one of the places changed most by the virus has been our kitchens. With grocery stores facing supply chain shortages and the majority of restaurants closed or only offering carryout options, we’ve been forced to fend for ourselves and make most of our meals at home. It hasn’t been easy for anyone, but imagine cooking virtually every meal—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—for these past few months without having a dishwasher.

Not only has Lori Dominick, 54, of Green Belt, Maryland, done just that, but she also managed to lose weight in the process, thanks in large part to her Cooking Light Diet meal plans. She hasn’t just been making it work. She’s been thriving.

Lori Dominick
Lori Dominick

“It was always the first thing I looked for”

Dominick found the Cooking Light Diet a little over

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