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Amanda M. Rye

On this episode of Beat the Receipt, we’re putting a delicious Chicken Quesadilla vs Pork Egg Roll in this Thanksgiving Leftovers Challenge.

Video Transcript

FERMIN NUNEZ: Ready? Action.

JOEY CAMASTA: I’m heading into the suburban grocery store right now. I feel like a fish out of water, girl. I don’t even have a coupon.

Hello, America. Are you ready to play “Beat the Receipt?” Let’s welcome.

FERMIN NUNEZ: Hey, guys, I’m back. Chef Fermin Nunez of Austin, Texas, from Suerte. I’m excited to beat the receipt one more time.

And our foodie challenger.

JOEY CAMASTA: Hey, guys. It’s Joey Camasta. I’m back again, and I’m so excited to do some leftovers today.

And what will they be cooking today?

FERMIN NUNEZ: $5, one serving, one budget breaker.

JOEY CAMASTA: So I get a budget breaker. I’m excited about that. $5 I’m not excited about.

FERMIN NUNEZ: Easy, easy. I have leftovers. I have some soup. I have some chicken. $5. Could be worse.

JOEY CAMASTA: So I made that pork tenderloin, stuffed with stuffing. I had cranberry sauce. Cranberry coulis.

FERMIN NUNEZ: I know exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to make a quesadilla. Probably going to call the restaurant and have them give me the tortilla for one quesadilla. Probably splurge on some melted cheese.

JOEY CAMASTA: I have an idea, I think. What if I go over to the suburbs, like the grocery store there you can get stuff for so cheap, and my father lives there. Whatever budget breaker I need I can just take it from him. Follow me. We’re going on a road trip to New Jersey. How exciting.

FERMIN NUNEZ: Pew. All right, so we’re here, La Michoacana Meat Markets. We’re going to go in here for a quick cheese and oil situation. $5, boom. $1.19. Quesadilla cheese would be good or oaxaca. $4.39, $1.19. I think we’re good. No? We’re not good. Yes, you’re right. We’re not good.

JOEY CAMASTA: I’ve not been to a suburban grocery store in many, many moons. Anyone want a Ginger Gold apple? Prices are looking good already. OK, first of all, picture the setting. Thanksgiving is like, the day after Thanksgiving, we just stuffed ourselves and drank a lot of wine. Now, we want something kind of like yummy, decadent, and definitely not low-cal. So what I think I want to do is make a Thanksgiving style egg roll.

FERMIN NUNEZ: [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] We’re going to try the cheese, but we got to get $3 of the best cheese. [INAUDIBLE]


FERMIN NUNEZ: No. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Boom. Let’s go get some quesadillas.

JOEY CAMASTA: This is Papi. That’s my father. Say hi to Food & Wine.

Hey, hi Food & Wine. How are you doing?

JOEY CAMASTA: He’s a real chef. Do you want [INAUDIBLE], do you want a job? Food & Wine, do you have a job for my father? But now I have to find egg roll wrappers. Oh, it just happened to be right here.

Well, that was easy. You found them?


JOEY CAMASTA: They’re only $2.49. You guys, am I a genius or what? We still have $2.51 left. Should we get ranch? OK, now we’re going to see if this napa cabbage happens is gonna be cheap. It’s $1.99 a pound. I’m not great with weight as you can see. $5.36? We’re going with Dole Classic Cole Slaw. So now I’m all about garnish. I want to make it look really, really cute, so I got this spicy pepper here. $0.14, we can definitely do that. You guys, we did it with $0.40 to spare. Papi’s got cilantro. We got all the stuff at home. This is going to be a yummy, yummy, yummy treat.

FERMIN NUNEZ: All right, we’re in Suerte. We’re going to call James to let him know that we’re going to come in for some tortillas for the quesadilla situation.


FERMIN NUNEZ: I’m here really fast. Give me the best two in case I burn one. Budget breaker.


JOEY CAMASTA: OK, I’m at Papi’s house now, and he says he has cilantro. If it’s rotten and old, I’m going to be pissed off. Oh, it’s parsley.

Oh, wait a minute. I have, I know I have cilantro.

JOEY CAMASTA: Score. I have my cilantro from Papi. Now I’m going to head back to the city. Come on.


FERMIN NUNEZ: And we are back for a “Beat the Receipt.” We’re home. The game plan for this situation is to put on an apron first.

JOEY CAMASTA: Day after Thanksgiving egg rolls. I want something quick, and I want to utilize all my ingredients.

FERMIN NUNEZ: So I have all of the ingredients here and the cutting board. We’re going to take some of this breast. We’re going to just lightly pick it apart.

JOEY CAMASTA: I’ve never made egg roll before, but how hard can it be? So what I first want to get going is my filling, so I want to get my pork tenderloin. I would say, I need about this much to be good. I don’t want to overstep the meat, because then we’ll have a blowout.

FERMIN NUNEZ: You want to cut the skin to smaller pieces. If you leave it hole or just tear it with your hands, it’ll be very chewy. You just scoop out the squash just lightly, so this will be a little bit of sweetness to the dish.

JOEY CAMASTA: Cranberries are in there. We have our stove top stuffing. Don’t hate. This is cutting up beautifully. I mean, next day sandwiches are the best. This is going to be even better, because why? It’s deep fried. It’s like–

FERMIN NUNEZ: If I had a grater at home, I would totally grate cheese and it’ll be nice and easier to melt. We’re going to check the temperature on our comal. It’s a little hot, so we’re going to wait. So a comal is the fancy word for a little flat top situation. Usually, a comal is used for cooking tortillas, but you can also make a lot of other different things like searing fish, making quesadillas.

JOEY CAMASTA: So now, remember my oil? We don’t know what it is, and we’re not asking, OK? It’s none of my business. And we’re going to sweat down our stuffing and pork mixture, and then we’re going to get some cabbage in there, a little salt and pepper, because remember, I got that.

FERMIN NUNEZ: We’re going to lightly oil the comal. Spread a little bit of that oil throughout. The beautiful thing about these tortillas is that the corn is grown in Texas, is nixtimalized at the restaurant. We’re going to flip it. We’re going to stuff it. We’re going to allow the cheese to melt. Then we’re going to fold it in half, and just like Napoleon Dynamite, we’re going to make ourselves a [MUTED] quesadilla.

JOEY CAMASTA: All right, I’m just going to put this right in here. OK, next we’re going to get our cabbage slaw going. This is just a good old bag of coleslaw. This was so cheap. This was all under $5 at the grocery store, and then I got my budget breaker at my father’s house. I’m going to– OK, this is kind of chun
ky, and I want this to be fine diced. So I’m going to give this a nice chop while my pork tenderloin is warming up. And that Stove Top stuffing, let’s be honest, hangover food. Stove Top stuffing, I would eat it right out of the bowl, but why not deep fry it? OK, girl.

FERMIN NUNEZ: So right now, we’re cooking at a medium low heat. We’re going to flip it, and now we’re going to start putting the cheese. When you have a bottom layer of cheese throughout, you have more cheesy texture going on all over the quesadilla. Cheese filling, cheese tortilla, crunch, win.

JOEY CAMASTA: OK, this is stir. Cabbage in. And back on the heat. We’re going to add a little bit of salt and pepper.

FERMIN NUNEZ: OK, now we’re, we’re golden. Now the cheese is slightly melting. You can see how it’s not keeping its shape so much now. We’re going to go dropping a little bit of squash for the filling. We’re just going to put it on one side.

JOEY CAMASTA: Now it’s time to do our egg rolls. Now this is the first time. I’m a first timer here, OK? So bear with me. Oh, they’re silky and soft. Just, you know, two egg rolls right now. Maybe four. Let’s do three.

FERMIN NUNEZ: We’re going to put a little bit more of the skin in the fold. And now, because the cheese is already melted, now we want to have crustier bottom of the– actually, on both sides. So I’m going to turn the heat just a little bit more for medium low to about a medium, medium high, and then we drink some water to stay hydrated.

JOEY CAMASTA: I think I always put too much stuff in there, but I think I’m going to put some of the egg roll in here. Wet the sides. [INAUDIBLE] go like this, like that, and I believe we kind of fold these in, and then roll. You guys, I mean, this is more of a spring roll.

FERMIN NUNEZ: Depending on who you ask in Mexico, some quesadillas might have cheese, and some not, some won’t. To me, there’s no quesadilla without cheese. It really can be anything that you want as long as you have cheese. It can be leftover roasted pork. You can eat do, like, if you have some steak left over the night before, slice it up then. Put it with some cheese, some onions, not one way to do another quesadilla. Pretty much anything that you want to move, it’s as good quesadilla in my book.

JOEY CAMASTA: So now I have the radicchio that I had left over from before. I’m just going to shred this up a little bit. OK, so now we have our oil, our mystery oil. We’re going to add this to the pan, and we’re just going to fry up our egg roll that you’re setting up nice and good. OK, our oil is shimmering, and we’re ready to put our first egg roll in. Oh, OK, nice sizzle.

FERMIN NUNEZ: So now that I hear the quesadilla gods talking to me, a little bit of the cheese is oozing from this side, and that’s fine because that will get crispy, nice and crunchy. Now, I’m going to take it, add a little bit more oil. Oh, we get a little bit more golden brown delicious, and then boom. Just like in the movies.

JOEY CAMASTA: Oh, golden brown goodness. I mean, these are delish. Golden brown, yummy delicious. I’m going to come up to the camera. Look at her, girl.

FERMIN NUNEZ: Two-minute timer is on. Plate that bad boy up. I don’t like to put sauces on top of quesadillas. I have two options. If I have a liquid sauce, I’ll take a little bit of that sauce and pour it inside. If I have a little bit of like a relish situation, I like to just set it on the side.

JOEY CAMASTA: I’m just going to dress this with a little bit of the oil, a little bit of apple cider vinegar that I got for a little acid. Why not?

FERMIN NUNEZ: [INAUDIBLE] Now I want to do it. Look at that cheese. That is not fully cut much. I always like to do the first bite on a quesadilla just simple, pure, and then I can dig into to the salsa situation.

JOEY CAMASTA: We have our delicious spring roll. We got the pork loin in We got the Craisins. We got the stuffing. We got our delicious coulis. We have our butternut squash. That’s going to taste– divine.

FERMIN NUNEZ: Good. It’s unusual. I never made a quesadilla that tastes like Thanksgiving.

JOEY CAMASTA: This is bomb. I’ve never made egg roll before. [INAUDIBLE].

FERMIN NUNEZ: I’m going to add a little bit of the sauce to go it, because we want to have the chilies, the apples, sunflower seeds, so it should be good with the chicken. Mm.

JOEY CAMASTA: I’ve never made egg rolls before. How easy is that, number one. It’s crispy. Nothing got dry [INAUDIBLE]. The pork I thought was going to be dry since it’s the second cook. It’s even juicier right now. Well, I’m very impressed with what I made. I want to know what you guys are making for the next day after Thanksgiving. Comment below. Let me know what you made. Get a conversation started.

FERMIN NUNEZ: Thanks for watching, guys. Chef Fermin Nunez here from Austin, Texas, of Suerte. Link and subscribe. Let us know what you’re doing with your leftovers.

JOEY CAMASTA: Thank you for joining us for another episode of “Beat the Receipt.”

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