Valerie Bertinelli makes 4 go-to healthy weeknight recipes

Actress, television personality and cookbook author Valerie Bertinelli is joining TODAY to share a few of her go-to easy and healthy entertaining recipes. She shows us how to make roasted cod with a nutty tropical topping, pasta salad with eggplant, an impressive asparagus and goat cheese tart and a calming chamomile nightcap cocktail.

Valerie Bertinelli's Roasted Cod with Cashew-Coconut Topping

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This dish is fast, easy and sure to impress. The unique combination of spices and coconut make this delicate white fish extra flavorful.

Valerie Bertinelli's Pasta Salad Alla Norma

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This is a great dish for anyone that thinks they don’t like eggplant. Salting the eggplant and cooking until its soft and creamy helps it melt into the hot pasta. It’s also an easy and hearty vegetarian meal!

Valerie Bertinelli's Asparagus, Herb and Goat Cheese Tart

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This tart is fast, easy and sure to impress. The bright flavors from the lemon and herbs complement the tanginess form the goat cheese making the tart light but satisfying.

Valerie Bertinelli's Warm Chamomile Nightcap

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I love ending an evening with a warming nightcap. The calming chamomile tea, soothing honey and bright lemon perfectly complement the subtle bite of the whiskey.

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