Linzer Torte or Hazelnut Jam Tart

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Linzer Torte or Hazelnut Jam tart makes the perfect snack for anytime. It is deliciously moreish and keeps very well. The pastry can be made and frozen so you can make it anytime!

Linzer torte on a cake rack

Linzer Torte is a traditional Austrian spiced pastry, a form of shortcake made from hazelnut or almond meal and slathered with raspberry preserves. It’s topped with a lattice design and once cooked it is absolutely crunchy and delicious.

This pastry is said to be one of the oldest recipes in the world! The oldest recipe found was from 1653. This pastry is often eaten at Christmas in Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, and Germany.

A Linzer Torte close up with lattice pastry

The unusual hazelnut spiced pastry case is quite delicious and worth entwining the lengths of pastry for its stunning looking finish. It makes a striking treat for a dessert or anytime

This pastry is not a fussy pastry but when making the lattice it does need to be very well chilled. Other than that it can be rolled or pressed into the tart tin if needed.

The dough can be made in a food processor or by hand.

A Linzer torte with raspberry jam

What do you need to make this pastry?

  • Hazelnut meal or flour as it is known is what makes this Torte both unusual and delicious. The flavour it creates is something not to be missed. If however, hazelnut meal is not available you can also use almond meal (flour)
  • This is not a gluten free pastry so it also contains plain flour
  • Its crunchy pastry is enriched with a good amount of unsalted butter
  • Caster sugar and brown sugar create the caramelised delicious crack
  • The spices added to the pastry are a reminder of gingerbread but far more subtle. Cinnamon and cloves.
  • The pastry is lightened with lemon zest
  • The case is spread thinly with jam. The traditional flavour is Raspberry, but you can use any that you like. This is also extra delicious with homemade jam
  • After the pastry case is finished and the lattice completed the pastry is brushed lightly with egg yolk
Preparing the hazelnut pastry for a Linzer torte
  1. 3/4 of the chilled pastry is rolled out
  2. The pastry case is lined
  3. It’s trimmed and rested in the refrigerator
  4. Once chilled it is spread very thinly with jam
Making Linzer lattice
  1. The remainder of the pastry is rolled out to make the lattice. This can be rolled between two pieces of baking paper for ease. Chilling or freezing it also makes the lattice making easier.
  2. Cut the pastry into even lengths
  3. 4. The pastry slips can be intertwined but look just as stunning even if just placed in a cross fashion

You can also make small Linzer Tortes or even a slice!

The process of making mini Linzer tortes

Making mini Linzer Tortes

Completing and rolling Mini Tortes
Baked Linzer tarts

What is a tart ring?

A tart ring is a shallow ring mold with no base. It is put onto a tray and then use just like that. here a picture of one and also a shallow tart case.

The reason you need a shallow one is that if the tart is too deep you will need to add too much jam to fill the space and the sides may also collapse.. This will be very sweet. if you do not have any rings use a shallow brownie or baking tin (square or rectangle)

Sample Tart ring picture

Leftover Linzer pastry can be made into cookies as well. Roll to a cookie thickness and cut into shapes (2-3 cm)

Try this tart too.

Szbrizalino, Almond and Nutella tart Sbrisolona nutella almond crumble

Linzer Torte or Hazelnut Jam Tart

This tart is made with crunchy hazelnut shortbread and filled with a simple but delicious raspberry filling.

Prep Time 35 mins

Cook Time 20 mins

Course Dessert, Pastry, Slice, tart

Cuisine dessert


  • 260 gm plain flour 9.15 oz
  • 200 gm hazelnut meal (flour) 7.05 oz (aprox 2 cups)
  • 100 gm caster sugar 3.5 0z | 1/2 cup
  • 80 gm Brown sugar 2.82 oz (1/2 cup)
  • 2 gm cinnamon ground 1/2 teaspoon
  • 1 gm cloves, ground a pinch
  • 1 gm salt a pinch
  • 250 gm butter unslted diced 8.8 oz
  • 3 whole eggs 1 for glazing. 1 1/2 for the pastry
  • 20 gm lemon zest .70
  • 150 gm raspberry jam 5.30 oz
  • 40 gm icing sugar 1.40 oz


  • This tart requires a very shallow tart or dessert ring. if you don”t have a shallow tart case or ring it can be made in individual tarts or a slice

  • Sift the flour, and mix with the salt, spices, hazelnut meal and both sugars. Mix well to incorporate everything.

  • Dice the butter and rub into the dry ingredients until you have a sandy texture and all the butter is incorporated. (This can also be done in a food processor)

  • Beat two eggs (2) together and add 3/4 of them to the dry ingredients. Process or knead until ONLY just mixed into a dough. By hand this will feel like an easy to handlw dough that has no dry bits. In a food processor it is just until the minute the dough gathers into a ball at on side of the bowl). Two whole eggs will make the dough too wet to handle so just add enough to make a nice soft dough. Flatten into a disk and rest for 30 minutes in the fridge. (it needs to become firm to roll out)

  • This can be made into two shallow 16 cm Linzer tortes or 1 larger one up to 24 cm. Divide the dough to 3/4 and 1/4. The larger part will be the base and the smaller the lattice top. Using one disc of the pastry roll out 2/3 until 3mm thickness and line a tart mould/ring

  • Mix the jam and spread on the base. Make sure not to spread the jam too thick, or it will bubble out over the pastry. You may not need all of the jam.

  • Roll out the remaining pastry, cut into long strips, and place on top of the jam to form a lattice pattern. The strips can also be rolled out cut and then frozen for about 30 minutes, so they become firm and easy to handle. The lattice can be laid simply in a square lattice fashion or the can be intertwined like a basket.

  • Mix the other (1) egg in a bowl (or use left over egg from above) and sparingly paint some on the joins or the pastry and then over the lattice. Too much egg will burn onto the pastry. Trim neatly around the edge

  • Bake at 180°C for 20- 25 minutes or until golden and the jam is starting to bubble Cool slightly then place onto a cake rack. Slice as desired and dust with icing sugar

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