This ravioli and asparagus recipe gets lightened up for spring with a toasted almond broth

Heidi Swanson knows the feeling. Her latest book, “Super Natural Simple,” comes “from a busy time in my life,” she writes. She and her husband, Wayne Bremser, moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles while she was working on the book, and they bounced from one Airbnb kitchen to another while looking for a home. Then the pandemic happened, and last fall her mother died and her father fell ill shortly thereafter.

“I came to realize that this is actually the only time to write a book like this,” she writes. “When you’re at your busiest (and feeling overwhelmed or overextended), cooking and eating well are usually the earliest casualties.”

On the flip side, she told me in an interview, “When you cook a meal for yourself and your family and friends, and if you have good leftovers, it really bolsters your mood.”

Finding time to

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Nigel Slater’s recipes for cherry almond tart and strawberry parfait | Food

I’m packing a picnic. (Give me a pork pie, a punnet of cherries and a picnic rug and I could barely be happier.) The best picnic food is inevitably the simplest. Nothing fussy; nothing that will wilt or dry up or spill. Just lovely big food to share. A pie, a tart, a big bag or two of fruit. Oh, and a bottle of ginger beer.

If it is to be a proper picnic, there has to be some seasonal fruit. Generally, I would say that cherries travel most successfully when kept cool by ice packs, but another way is to bake them into a tart and take the whole thing, baking tray and all, with you. Make it a deep tart rather than the sort of shallow tart you find in

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