Check Out Rihanna’s Easy Mac and Cheese Recipe


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As Rihanna once said sang, “You know I got the sauce, you know I’m saucy,” and we couldn’t help but wonder, was she referring to herself or her macaroni and cheese recipe? The singer shared her recipe with Esquireback in 2014, but it has recently reemerged thanks to TikTok, giving fans a taste of her cooking skills. It was quickly noticed that she adds a bit more to her pasta than just cheese, and while the ingredients might seem a little interesting, they work together to create a dish like no other.

Rihanna’s secret to her iconic recipe includes three standout ingredients: ketchup, mustard, and pepper sauce. Thanks to these saucy additions, it’s not quite the same as the typical mac and cheese you might

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5 recipes to celebrate National Mac and Cheese Day | Food and cooking

Macaroni and cheese is a welcome addition to any spread. The fact that it’s a kid favorite, inexpensive, and vegetarian also bumps it into the category of a no-fail dish. This classic mac and cheese has pasta floating in an easy white sauce loaded with sharp cheddar for flavor and Monterey Jack for creaminess. It’s crowned with buttery cracker crumbs as a final touch. With just two tricks up your sleeve, it can be made a few days ahead and tossed into the oven when it’s go time, but still tastes as fresh as the day you made it.


This classic mac and cheese has pasta floating in an easy white sauce loaded with sharp cheddar for flavor and Monterey Jack for creaminess.

Cooling is key

You’ll notice that this looks very much like a standard mac and cheese recipe, so what makes it something you could

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Gigi Hadid’s Mac and Cheese Recipe with Photos

Ever since Gigi Hadid’s spicy pasta alla vodka recipe went viral in 2020, the supermodel and new mom has been actively maintaining her foodie status on social media. Cooking up everything from breakfast tacos (Bella’s favorite) to tarte tatin (her mom’s), and chicken tikka (a recipe she learned from Zayn’s mom), Gigi seems to be spending quite a lot of her free time in the kitchen, which we’re obviously here for. So when she shared step-by-step instructions on how to make her mac and cheese on her Instagram Stories, I was inspired to spend some time in my own kitchen, too. I mean, how could I not, after seeing how tasty she made it look?

Gigi uses three types of cheese in her recipe, and the resulting combination is nothing short of ooey-gooey heaven. It’s equal parts gouda, sharp cheddar, and mild cheddar, though she says you can use whatever

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TikTok’s Baked Buffalo Mac and Cheese Recipe With Photos


If you, like me, find yourself scrolling through TikTok for what feels like hours every day, you’ve likely seen the infamous baked feta pasta — a viral recipe in which salty feta cheese and juicy cherry tomatoes are roasted and combined to create a creamy sauce that coats cooked pasta — more times than you can count. While the popular dish has taken on many forms since its inception, none has reached A Goofy Movie‘s cheese levels (’90s kids know what I’m talking about!) like TikTok user @thehungerdiaries’s baked buffalo mac and cheese.

This one-pan recipe calls for a double-cheese center composed of both feta and cream cheese and a shredded cheddar perimeter mixed with raw macaroni and milk, all coated in a layer of hot sauce before being baked to gooey perfection. For how easy it is to make, it’s a showstopping dish that’s sure to satisfy everyone

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