TikTok’s Baked Buffalo Mac and Cheese Recipe With Photos


If you, like me, find yourself scrolling through TikTok for what feels like hours every day, you’ve likely seen the infamous baked feta pasta — a viral recipe in which salty feta cheese and juicy cherry tomatoes are roasted and combined to create a creamy sauce that coats cooked pasta — more times than you can count. While the popular dish has taken on many forms since its inception, none has reached A Goofy Movie‘s cheese levels (’90s kids know what I’m talking about!) like TikTok user @thehungerdiaries’s baked buffalo mac and cheese.

This one-pan recipe calls for a double-cheese center composed of both feta and cream cheese and a shredded cheddar perimeter mixed with raw macaroni and milk, all coated in a layer of hot sauce before being baked to gooey perfection. For how easy it is to make, it’s a showstopping dish that’s sure to satisfy everyone

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The Food Artist Whose Viral Recipe Caused Shortage of Greek Feta Cheese

Feta cheese
Jenni Häyrinen in Milia, Greece. Photo credits: Jenni Häyrinen. Instagram @liemessa

Jenni Häyrinen is the Finnish food artist behind the mouthwatering baked feta pasta recipe that has gone viral on social media worldwide, boosting feta cheese sales to an unprecedented peak and even causing shortages in markets across the globe.

International media documented the massive impact of Jenni’s dish on feta supply and demand across the USA last month, as the wildly popular recipe, which debuted online in 2018 under its Finnish name “uunifetapasta”, went trending once again thanks to a TikTok video.

The ingenious food blogger from Helsinki tells Greek Reporter where the inspiration came from for this much loved dish, what makes feta so popular with people from different culinary backgrounds, and what her personal impression of original Greek cuisine during a brief stay in the country was.

Phenomenal impact of oven-baked feta

A few months after

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Food Network’s Giada De Laurentiis Embraces Vegan Meat and Dairy-Free Cheese for Italian Recipes

Food Network’s celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis is becoming a fan of using vegan meat and dairy-free cheese as swaps for animal products in her classic Italian recipes. The chef recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show to promote her 10th cookbook Eat Better, Feel Better and share a bolognese recipe she includes in it using vegan Beyond Beef in place of traditional meat. 

“I had never worked with [Beyond Meat] before, for this book, I tried a few recipes and I found that the [Beyond] bolognese was really good,” the 50-year-old chef said. “I was really floored by it.” De Laurentiis then tasked DeGeneres with cooking the Beyond Beef, stating, “You brown it like you do regular ground meat.” While the recipe in De Laurentiis’ new book calls for dairy-based parmesan, on the show, the chef easily swapped the cheese with a vegan version, which DeGeneres generously grated onto

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Baked Feta Pasta Recipe With Boursin Cheese


The first time I made that feta pasta that went viral on TikTok, I knew it would be the last. Unless your idea of tastiness is a mouthful of salt with a hint of tomato, you’d probably agree that baked feta and pasta aren’t the most compatible. While I’m never trying the original recipe again, I’m in love with the simplicity of the concept, and it’s pretty clear most people are too. I’ve seen TikTokers swap the tomatoes with strawberries, or go traditional Italian with ricotta or mozzarella, and Lizzo even has a vegan version, but the one I knew I wanted to experiment with was the version that uses Boursin. Boursin is a garlic- and herb-seasoned cheese with a creamy texture that’s a cross between goat cheese and cream cheese. It’s normally spread on crackers, but this recipe proves it’s great on pasta too.

Just like the original, you’ll

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