Cool recipes to make on hot days

Seder includes recipes for breakfast, salads, small plates, bowls, main courses, and desserts, plus sections with sauces and pantry staples, all designed with home cooks in mind.

There are Asian, Indian, South American, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean influences in many of the dishes. And during her research, Seder identified foods that take more energy to break down, and therefore tend to make you hotter.

“I really wanted to curate the recipes in this book to reflect that,” she said. “All the recipes would be ideal for those hot days, when you want to do the opposite. They take less time on the stove, or minimal time in the oven, or no cooking whatsoever. But it’s not a raw foods cookbook. There’s a lot of cooking involved.”

"Eat Cool: Good Food for Hot Days" by Vanessa Seder.

“Eat Cool: Good Food for Hot Days” by Vanessa Seder.

Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout

In addition to cooking, there’s mixology in “Eat Cool,”

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Bacon wrapped hot dog leads grand slam of flavors in Dinger Dog recipe

A No Budget Cooking Series pledge has been to review simple recipes that don’t induce Pinterest fails. This recipe for a bacon-wrapped hot dog topped by crispy onions, barbecue sauce and nacho cheese breaks that promise — but not without a few good reasons.

First, even though it’s messy, it is dang tasty. (You did see bacon and nacho cheese are involved, right?)

Second, it’s my lead-in to telling you that you could garner a moderate amount of fame and win four tickets to a Wisconsin Timber Rattlers game through the team’s annual Fans’ Choice Food Fight contest.

Before getting into the contest details, let’s take a swing at this 2017 Timber Rattlers Food Fight champ.

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Local restaurant puts adult twist on social media sensation, hot cocoa bombs

(WTNH) — It’s a social media sensation — hot cocoa bombs are a fun twist on a sweet treat, but local restaurants are giving them a grown-up upgrade just in time for Valentine’s Day.

So, what’s the phenomenon behind their popularity?

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“Everyone eats with their camera first. It used to be with their eyes, now it’s the camera, then the eyes, then you actually enjoy your food,” said Michael Knudsen, beverage director for Wood-N-Tap. “I think it’s just about that, and who doesn’t love hot chocolate?” 

Especially this time of year, with Valentine’s Day creeping up. One local restaurant group is taking the trend a step further (and for the 21-plus audience).

“Our little spin on them is actually incorporating some liquor into these,” said Knudsen. “You know we’ve seen trending online. People are digging these hot

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From food parcels to hot dinners, this is how charities are rallying to feed children without free school meals

Meals & More - Meals & More
Meals & More – Meals & More

Thousands of families across the country breathed a collective sigh of relief this week. The government’s backtracking on the withdrawal of its school meal voucher scheme (thanks, in part, to footballer Marcus Rashford’s campaign) was a triumph for many. But while these £15-a-week vouchers (designed only to cover five lunches a week) are a step in the right direction, they fail to plug – by a long shot – the gaping hole in our food system that’s burdening millions of children.

Covid-19 has impacted the UK’s food landscape in ways that are difficult for many of us to comprehend. For others, the fallout couldn’t be more tangible. There are 2.4 million children living in households with unreliable access to food. Of those, 2 million have either relied on low-cost food or unbalanced meals, not had enough to eat, or skipped meals altogether.

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