TikTok’s 3-Ingredient Cacio e Pepe Recipe With Photos


I would bend over backwards for a plate of creamy, cheesy pasta any day of the week. Unfortunately, I’m the world’s worst cook when it comes to pasta recipes that include milk, heavy cream, or any kind of meticulous cheese-melting process. It’s not just because I’m an impatient cook, but I always somehow find a way to mess it up. At least I know where my weakness is in the kitchen, right?

If you can relate, then you’ll love TikToker Pina Bresciani’s three-ingredient cacio e pepe recipe, which only calls for spaghetti, black peppercorns, and pecorino romano. (For my Trader Joe’s shoppers: you can find pecorino romano already finely grated among the international cheeses.) I know what you’re thinking, How can you make a creamy pasta without the cream? In the video, Pina explains that pasta water gives off enough starch that nothing else is needed to help create

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2-Ingredient No-Bake Fudge Recipe With Photos


I’m always on the lookout for new no-bake recipes for summer. The heat doesn’t stop my sweet tooth, but it certainly stops me from wanting to turn my oven on! That’s why when I found this no-bake fudge recipe, I thought it had to be too good to be true. I love fudge, but my family’s recipe calls for laboring over the stove with the world’s stickiest ingredients, leading to a very messy clean-up. A two-ingredient recipe that you could make in your microwave? I had to see it to believe it, and I’m glad I did!

There’s no catch when it comes to making this fudge . . . it has the right texture, the right taste, the right everything. It is a little stickier than usual, so I definitely recommend keeping it in your fridge, but other than that, it really is just like regular fudge. And

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Air-Fryer Caramelized Bananas Recipe With Photos


I’ve never been a huge fan of banana-heavy desserts (except banana bread) — that is, until I tried these air-fryer caramelized bananas. Created by Lisa Kitahara of Okonomi Kitchen, the recipe is simple to make and tastes exactly like an indulgent dessert (or breakfast!) with only a little bit of added coconut sugar. The finished texture is unreal — soft and caramel-y, almost like a crème brûlée. Basically, as someone who doesn’t even like banana pudding, this three-ingredient recipe yields one of the most delicious treats I’ve ever had.

To make this recipe, you’ll just need bananas, coconut sugar, and lemon juice (seriously, that’s it!). And I love that, unlike other desserts, it’s easily scalable, since you can make as many or as few bananas as you’d like. Depending on the size of your air-fryer basket, you may want to seek out smaller bananas; luckily, large bananas fit in

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Spiked Gummy Bear Popsicles Recipe With Photos


I was introduced to spiked gummy bears in college (where else?), but it wasn’t until after college — in fact, quite recently — that I learned you can enjoy spiked gummy bears in popsicle form. No getting your hands sticky, no handling the goopy gummy bear texture — just a delicious, refreshing, and boozy summer treat. Plus, you have to admit, they’re kind of adorable!

Making these couldn’t be easier, but you will need to prepare a day in advance, so if you plan on serving these for a backyard get-together, just be aware! Start by freezing the gummy bears in vodka overnight, and make sure you cover the bowl so that the alcohol doesn’t evaporate.


Then, simply add them to a popsicle mold, fill it with Sprite (you could also use something similar, like sparkling flavored water or lemonade), and freeze it. I recommend trying to space the gummy

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