25 Best Soul Food Month Recipes

Amanda M. Rye

June is an amazing month for so many reasons. In the food world, one of the most notable reasons is that it is National Soul Food Month, along with the celebration of Juneteenth. Soul food is a conglomerate of amazing, comforting food that was traditionally made by black people from the South.

When is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth 2021 takes place on Saturday June 19th.

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What is Soul Food?

Although this style of cooking has taken on many different identities, its roots are grounded in the good ol’ south! Soul food is a style of cooking that was born from the enslaved people having to get creative and cook what they had available to them. This’s part of the reason it’s called soul food—soul food dishes are always made with an abundance of flavor, and a lot of love.

Best Soul Food Recipes

A typical soul food menu will include dishes such as: fried chicken or fried pork chops, collard greens, buttermilk corn bread, macaroni and cheese, stewed okra and almost always, a sweet treat! Southern peach cobbler is a very popular dish that adorns soul food menus.

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Grab your pots and pans and dig into this food gallery to find a delicious, home-cooked, savory, and flavorful soul food dish to cook and share with your loved ones. You are sure to find something everyone will enjoy. Dishes such as BBQ chicken sandwiches, fried chicken recipes, (even some made in the air fryer), seafood boils, and even some super cheesy and flavorful macaroni and cheese. There are some sweet recipes such as a southern classics: 7UP Pound Cake and peach cobblers.

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