9 Easy Celeb Recipes You Can Make in Minutes

Amanda M. Rye

Having a personal chef at your disposal is one of the best perks of being rich and famous, right? Well, despite having access most of us can only dream of, some celebs actually enjoy cooking at home. (Others were forced into doing so by the pandemic.)

But what if you’re experiencing cooking fatigue and just want an easy meal without having to go out? Your favorite stars have you covered there, too. From no-cook recipes to innovative desserts, these celeb-approved recipes will be ready in minutes.

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If you’re hesitant about putting tomatoes in guacamole, Eva Longoria just might convince you to give it a try. Her simple recipe adds onion, tomato, and serrano chile to the classic guacamole flavors for a chunky, flavorful bite.

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overnight oats

Overnight oats are one of the easiest healthy breakfasts out there—just mix everything up the night before and refrigerate it. Carrie Underwood’s recipe features ingredients like blueberries and pumpkin pie spice for plenty of flavor.

ramen noodles

Nothing is easier than making a cup of instant ramen—and even Kylie Jenner can’t resist. The reality star and beauty mogul adds butter, garlic powder, and an egg to instant ramen noodles, and the result looks delicious.

pancakes smoothies

If the idea of making pancakes from scratch makes you sweat, make like The Rock and use a boxed pancake mix. Don’t forget the whipped cream!

Hello I’m Nik/ Unsplash

Sometimes, you really, really don’t want to cook—but you still want something fancier than just eating your fruits and veggies in boring squares or rectangles. In that case, make like the Sister, Sister star and cut your fruit into heart shapes.

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scrambled eggs spatula pan

This method of cooking scrambled eggs may take a little longer, but it’s also easier, prep-wise. Teigen prefers her eggs “low and slow,” and the cooking method is worth a try.

Mac n chese

We’re still not sure why Bachelor star Corinne Olympios doesn’t just call this mac and cheese. But if you’re a devoted fan of the franchise, you can make her recipe, and it’s incredibly easy. Cheese and pasta are the only ingredients, and there’s no baking required.

bowl of coffee ice cream

Remember when everyone was obsessed with Dalgona coffee at the beginning of quarantine? Barbra Streisand had the right idea long before you’d ever heard of whipped coffee. Her ice cream recipe also relies on instant coffee’s goodness, and you don’t need an ice cream maker. This recipe will take longer than some of the others on this list, but it’s way easier than churning ice cream by hand.

english muffins on a plate

Whether you’re feeding little ones or you’re a kid at heart, we guarantee that these English muffins, topped with peanut butter, banana slices, and chocolate chips, are way cuter than your go-to breakfast.

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