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From the Kitchen: Food for the Chinese New Year and drinks for the Super Bowl | Life & Arts

Chinese New Year is almost here. The first day of the celebration of the Year of the Ox begins next Friday.

It’s generally a 16-day event, but popularly observed for about a week. Feb. 12 is the starting point.

We have always celebrated that holiday as a way to have a great themed family party. Over the years we have chosen two paths — cooking at home, appropriate decorations included, and going to a favorite Chinese restaurant.

You don’t have to be observing the Chinese custom to enjoy the egg rolls, though. The recipe is here in case you want an idea if you are planning a do, or just inspiration for a lunch or dinner treat.

A protein can be added if you would like, but the rolls are all vegetable today. In the past I’ve made them with half or a whole pound of ground beef, adding it

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Building soil and ecosystem health for food and nutritional security: A worm’s eye view

My father and I were discussing soil restoration the other day, which is not so surprising, given our family’s roots in farming in the U.S. state of Michigan – my grandfather even carried on that tradition when he moved into Detroit for work and rented the vacant lot next door to plant potatoes.

I’m sure he would have felt comfortable joining our soil restoration conversation; after all, it’s a universal concern. The world’s food supplies are still very deeply connected with the soil: without healthy, well-functioning soil, we cannot produce nutritious food. It’s as simple as that. When the soil in which we grow our food becomes degraded, leached of its nutritional components, the negative effects cascade all along the production chain and our food systems – and so much more – break down.

We see the negative impact in the high global rates of hunger and malnutrition, afflicting over

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New restaurant going into old Joon, Burgrito, Double S BBQ spot | Restaurants

Taco meal kit

A taco from a Kettle Black Kitchen taco meal kit.

He also offers one takeout, ready-to-eat meal as well as a meal kit that customers need to cook themselves. People order online.

One of the recent meal kits featured jalapeno and cheddar corn fritters with ricotta crema and maple-glazed bacon. Customers get the fritter batter and bacon in Mason jars and then fry the fritters themselves. Fritters don’t do well when they come already made and packaged, he said.

Hamilton’s chicken dijonnaise meal kits with chicken thighs, homemade crème fraîche, and Dijon mustard, have also been well-received. He puts videos on his website showing how to make each of the meals.

No-crust chorizo and potato quiche

Brian Hamilton’s no-crust chorizo and potato quiche.

He cooks his food in the kitchen at Gaylord Catering Service, 709 Atlas Ave., and has customers pick up from another East Side location.

When Hamilton

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10 Instant Pot recipes sure to score a touchdown on Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is the one day of the year (you can add Thanksgiving into this category, too) when most people forget whatever diet they’re on and totally pig out on all of the food.

A lot of our favorite party foods can be made in a slow cooker, but they tend to take a long time to cook — hence, the name. That’s why we’ve decided to share recipes that are made in the Instant Pot, because the cooking time is sometimes cut in half, or even more.

Plus, Instant Pots are super trendy right now, so maybe these recipes will inspire you to dip your toes into the wonderful world that is pressure cooking.

Happy eating!

1.) Beef chili from Delish

Chili is always a great pick if you want to make something that’s not a whole lot of work, but still packs a huge punch of flavor.

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