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At sundown on Saturday, millions of Jews worldwide will be marking the start of Passover with a Seder meal. The eight-day Jewish holiday celebrates freedom commemorating the Jewish exodus from Egypt. During the Seder meal, the retelling of the exodus takes place through stories, songs and ceremonial foods. Certain foods symbolic of Passover include bitters herbs and matzo, arranged on a Seder plate.

It’s a strict food holiday that requires Jews to rid their pantries of all leavened products. No leavening ingredients (baking powder, yeast, baking soda) are used. Wheat products, like flour, are not used, so in many Passover recipes, matzo cake meal and matzo meal are used instead.

Key ingredients for Passover include eggs and matzo.

Eggs are symbolic because they signify springtime and rebirth. They also serve as a leavening agent – especially beaten egg whites. Matzo in sheets or ground is ubiquitous during Passover. The cracker-like

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5 Fresh Seder Dishes You’ll Want to Make All the Time

Another trip around the sun during Covid means another year of Zoom Seders. Whether virtual or in-person, a good Seder service can take a few hours with only ceremonial nibbles like matzo, haroseth, parsley and — get excited — a hard-boiled egg dipped in salt water. Hunger builds, but at least there’s wine.

The Seder meal that follows is culinarily a bit like Thanksgiving in that there are certain dishes, like matzo ball soup and gefilte fish, that are nonnegotiable. But there are other parts of the menu that can be tweaked, and what a good year to try something new and perhaps a bit more exciting than the usual.

Ground sumac, which is more widely available than ever, lends its pinkish tone and lemony tang to this roasted chicken. Citrus juices amplify the acidity in the assertive marinade, with dried apricots and green olives contributing their sweet

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75 Best Low-Carb Dishes for Dinner, Lunch or Snacks

Low-carb diets are as popular as ever. But finding low-carb dishes that aren’t the same old, same old can be tough. That’s why we rounded up our favorite low-carb recipes from the thousands of Parade recipes. Remember, low-carb recipes can be just as satisfying and flavorful as dishes that are high in carbs. (Yes, recipes without lots of bread can still be great!) Bacon-wrapped onion rings, chicken wings, deviled eggs and guacamole are just some of the low-carb snack and appetizer options to make for holidays and family get-togethers. Cheap low-carb salads and soups are perfect for quick lunches and won’t weigh you down into an afternoon slump before the workday is done.

With so many low-carb versions of classic recipes available, you can still enjoy your favorite comfort food dishes on a low-carb diet. From roast chicken to low-carb shepherd’s pie, there are easy low-carb dinner recipes with plenty

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Dining’s new pandemic reality: shorter menus, quicker meals, and ugly-delicious dishes

Every departure from his original dream was made to keep his staff employed, he says. “No one is going to order a $68 steak to go,” he thought when the pandemic emptied his dining room last year. Beran replaced eight ounces of dry-aged rib-eye with the same amount of hanger steak for $30. “Fancy food doesn’t travel well,” the chef says. So his dishes became more rustic (cassoulet was a recent possibility), and portions grew, giving customers the option of leftovers.

“We’ve gone from pressed duck served tableside to a glorified cheese sandwich,” he says — and from a menu with 32 dishes to a dozen.

Almost a year into what insiders liken to an extinction event for the industry, with 110,000 restaurants closed during the pandemic, diners are adjusting to the reality of fewer menu choices, briefer dining times, online ordering and dishes whose looks take a back seat

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