Nik Sharma’s recipes for lentil-stuffed onions and cauliflower with black garlic yoghurt | Food

The idea of stuffing vegetables isn’t new, but it’s a practice I cherish. Defined by the size and dynamics of vegetable architecture, you could potentially stuff anything: aubergines, tomatoes, peppers, chillies, okra … the list goes on. This week, onions are filled like little pots with lentils, spices and vegetable stock scented with bright, gorgeous saffron. The onions transform into little gifts. Away from stuffing is this smoky, roast cauliflower, which is one of those vegetables that greatly benefits from caramelising in a hot oven. Not only does it take on a bittersweet taste, but it also acquires a crisp texture, to both of which I’m extremely partial.

Roast cauliflower with black garlic yoghurt (pictured above)

The accompanying yoghurt is flavoured with black garlic, which adds a gentle touch of sweetness, while mint breathes in an air of coolness.

Prep 25 min
Cook 30 min
Serves 4

500g cauliflower

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Spicy Pickled Garlic Recipe From TikTok With Photos


Cloves of garlic hardly seem like a delicious snack, but when they’re pickled, for some reason they’re irresistible — at least according to just about everyone on TikTok right now. After TikTok user @LalaLeluu shared a 45-second snippet of her eating garlic by the spoonful while sharing her easy recipe, the trend has pretty much blown up on the app, with TikTokers creating their own versions and even having it for breakfast.

According to Lala’s recipe, all you need to do is drain a jar of pickled garlic — the kind preserved in vinegar, not oil — and add sriracha, Korean chili flakes, and thyme before shaking up the jar and grabbing a spoon. “I’m going to have a tummy ache tomorrow, but it’s so good!” Lala said between mouthfuls of garlic.

So, is this recipe really worth the tummy ache? I initially wondered along with the rest of

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