TikTok calls new ‘honeycomb pasta’ recipe an ‘affront’ to food: ‘Screaming’

Throw out your feta, because there’s a new divisive dish on TikTok — and it’s called honeycomb pasta.

Anna Rothfuss racked up almost 12 million views with her video tutorial showing how she makes something called “honeycomb pasta.” The meal, which is also sometimes called honeycomb cannelloni or rigatoni pie, is sort of a lasagna-cake hybrid.

Rothfuss started her video with the first step already completed — lining what looks to be a springform pan with upright rigatoni pasta. Typically, springform pans are used for making cheesecake, but that’s a whole other issue. 

Then, she put chunks of string cheese into each rigatoni opening.

“My trypophobia is screaming” one person commented, referring to the fear of clusters of small holes.

“I’m going to put sauce all over the whole thing,” Rothfuss went on to say as she dumped a jar of marinara sauce onto the pasta. “Then,

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20 TikTok Recipes and Viral Foods Trends To Try

From baking to easy dinner ideas, there is simply no shortage of recipes on TikTok. Responsible for spawning viral food trends such as dalgona coffee, cloud bread and more recently, baked feta pasta, the video-sharing platform is filled with countless food-related hashtags and short tutorials worth checking out for anyone who enjoys home cooking. Below, we round up some of the best TikTok recipes that not only look delicious, but are also fun to whip up in the kitchen. Whether you’re looking for ideas of hearty breakfasts, indulgent desserts or healthier snacks, read on for 20 TikTok food trends to try now.

Baked Feta Pasta

@lindseyeatslabaked feta pasta w confit tomatoes ? ? ? ##bakedfeta ##bakedfetapasta ##fetapasta ##recipes ##pastatiktok recipe credit to @liemessa ✨♬ Gymnopedie #1 – Erik Satie – Jonathan Adams and Jennifer Adams

Famously known for causing stores in the U.S. to sell out of feta

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Smashed Brussels Sprouts TikTok Recipe With Photos


Ask any of my friends or family, and they’ll tell you I’m not a Brussels sprouts person. However, I promised myself this would be the year I start to widen my palate, and so far, I’m quite proud. (I cook with onions now — it’s *so* exciting!) And I figured, if I’m going to give Brussels sprouts another go, I may as well turn to TikTok, because if the app has taught us anything, it’s that it’s the holy grail of underrated, lip-smacking, easy recipes.

As predicted, TikToker user @courtneyannep‘s smashed Brussels sprouts recipe didn’t steer me wrong. Not only is it supereasy to follow, but the recipe plays on a bunch of fun, contrasting flavors. The vibrancy of the onion powder and Italian seasoning is subdued from the warmth and poignant taste of the brown sugar and fresh Parmesan. It’s like a party in your mouth! And who

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The Best Copycat Recipes You Can Try at Home From TikTok

If you’re craving your favorite restaurant dish, but you’re too lazy to go pick it up, these mouthwatering copycat recipes made by TikTok users are your next best bet. If you’re in the mood for Olive Garden’s creamy fettuccine alfredo or you’ve been dreaming about sinking your teeth into a cinnamon-dusted pretzel from Auntie Anne’s, these at-home recipes will bring the best flavors into your kitchen without the wait. Complete with In-N-Out’s iconic Double Double Burger to Disney’s must-have Dole Whip, there’s not a recipe on this list that won’t make you forgo getting takeout all together.

Turn your kitchen into Panda Express, Red Lobster, Cheesecake Factory, and more after you try out these too-good-to-be-true copycat recipes. Whether you’re in need of something sweet (Hello, Ben & Jerry’s Snackable Dough!) or all you can think about is crispy, crunchy carbs (Cheesecake Factory’s Buffalo Blasts, of course), let these re-creations of

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