TikTok calls new ‘honeycomb pasta’ recipe an ‘affront’ to food: ‘Screaming’

Amanda M. Rye

Throw out your feta, because there’s a new divisive dish on TikTok — and it’s called honeycomb pasta.

Anna Rothfuss racked up almost 12 million views with her video tutorial showing how she makes something called “honeycomb pasta.” The meal, which is also sometimes called honeycomb cannelloni or rigatoni pie, is sort of a lasagna-cake hybrid.

Rothfuss started her video with the first step already completed — lining what looks to be a springform pan with upright rigatoni pasta. Typically, springform pans are used for making cheesecake, but that’s a whole other issue. 

Then, she put chunks of string cheese into each rigatoni opening.

“My trypophobia is screaming” one person commented, referring to the fear of clusters of small holes.

“I’m going to put sauce all over the whole thing,” Rothfuss went on to say as she dumped a jar of marinara sauce onto the pasta. “Then, we’re going to put meat.”

After she finished the two top layers, Rothfuss added used her hands to spread a bag of shredded cheese over the top. Then she put it all in the oven.

“So good,” Rothfuss concluded after trying the first bite.

TikTok seemed split over the dish. On one hand, people liked the idea behind honeycomb pasta. Still, many thought there was a severe lack of seasoning.

“There’s literally more cheese than pasta in that dish,” one user pointed out.

Others suggested replacing the string cheese with ricotta because, as one commenter said, “It’s LITERALLY lasagna, just different shapes.”

But for the most part, TikTok users seemed to think that the dish was a personal attack on Italian cuisine. 

“This is an affront to every Italian chef, person, family and dish ever created,” a user wrote.

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