Day: July 1, 2021

Week of Meals: Food stylist and photographer Danielle Campbell’s recipes

This is the fourth installment in our Week of Meals series, which gives you five weeknight dinner recipes with all the planning and strategizing built in. Each meal makes four servings, comes together — start to finish — in less than 60 minutes and requires 10 or fewer ingredients (not counting cooking oil, salt and pepper or water). The groceries for all five meals can be bought from a single grocery store and in a single shopping trip and will cost less than $100 total.

Food stylist, recipe developer and photographer Danielle Campbell provides the recipes for this installment in our Week of Meals series. Here’s how she plans out her weekday recipes and uses the ingredients, including lots of Middle Eastern spices and sauces, that inspire her mostly meat-centric meals and add a ton of flavor to the plate.

“Creating delicious meals with minimal ingredients, and on a budget,

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Trending Recipes From Social Media to Try

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Social media trends aren’t always what they seem — especially when it comes to food. Though some viral recipes live up to their fame, others don’t taste quite as good as they look on camera.

Instead of spending your time testing every single recipe that comes along, look out for the cooking tips you’ll use more than once — like these six trends. Since each trend can be adapted multiple ways, you’ll get more out of them than an over-the-top rainbow dessert recipe you’ll only make once.

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