Day: May 15, 2022

We got all of these. This is what we learned.

HOUSTON – How many times have you downloaded a restaurant app and were disappointed by the lack of features the app had versus how much information you had shared? It’s happened to us more than a few times, so we thought we would break down the highlights and lowlights of some of the most popular fast food chain apps.

From the Golden Arches to Texas-specific chains, we tried out a bunch of fast food apps to see which ones had the best deals, ease of access and best rewards structure. We hope this helps you as you download for fast food in Texas.

The apps could be ranked based on ease of access, rewards structure and ordering (among other things), but who would pit a restaurant against an ice cream shop? We wouldn’t. It just wouldn’t be fair.

Check out our list below and see many of the highlights of

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