Day: May 19, 2022

Lake Trasimeno: the fish food heritage of landlocked Umbria

Editor’s Note — Tune in this Sunday at 9pm ET as “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy” explores Umbria, Italy. Tucci sampled the traditional cuisine from wild boar and slow-cooked pork to pigeon. Warning vegetarians: This episode contains a lot of meat.

(CNN) — Everyone who travels to Italy knows the drill. A day of culture and maybe a little shopping, followed by aperitivo and piles of pasta for dinner. Or, possibly a pizza — or even risotto. Because that’s what they eat in Italy, right?

The people of Lake Trasimeno would beg to differ.

The nearly 50 square mile lake — wedged into the central Italian countryside, in the region of Umbria but nudging up against Tuscany — is known for its traditional dishes which differ wildly from its neighbors.

Umbria is the only landlocked region on the Italian peninsula — and it’s known for its hearty, meat-heavy food that

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