Day: May 23, 2022

Baby formula shortages and how Staten Island restaurants are stepping up to help | Pamela’s Food Service Diary

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A restaurant owner’s expertise lies in sourcing food. That matter might be illustrated well with an idea that occurred to Richie Holmes, owner of Juicy Lucy in Ocean Breeze and Eltingville, plus Grant City’s DiFara Pizza-Juicy Lucia.

While in New Jersey on a shopping trip, he stumbled upon a massive supply of baby formula.

“So we decided to donate $2,000 worth of baby formula to Staten Islanders. It would be nice if people could also drop off formula the restaurants for somebody who needs it — obviously sealed, new formula with a proper expiration date,” said Holmes.

He put the word out on Facebook and was floored at the response: rather quickly, he received about 500 inboxed messages pleading for help. What further occurred to him from reading the notes was just how expensive is the product at an average of $40 a container. So not

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