Day: June 3, 2022

Eight tips to beat inflation

INFLATION is on the rise across the world. According to recent statements, the RBA expects inflation to increase in the coming quarters to about 3.25 per cent before declining to about 2.75 per cent over 2023.

Currently, the continuing fallout from COVID, increases in the price of raw materials and rising oil prices are behind the rising inflation.The situation between Russia and Ukraine made this worse. And who knows what way things will work out with our new Labor government.

So how will rising inflation impact your life, your earnings or your business?

Inflation is a rise in prices. Aside from fuel prices, the cost of goods and services will go up. Inflation — as expressed by the Consumer Price Index or CPI — is a measure of the average price you pay for a defined basket of goods and services. Expressed as a percentage, inflation is an increase in

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