Bacon wrapped hot dog leads grand slam of flavors in Dinger Dog recipe

Amanda M. Rye
The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Dinger Dog leads off with a bacon-wrapped hot dog and finishes with a triple hit of barbecue, onion and nacho cheese flavor.

A No Budget Cooking Series pledge has been to review simple recipes that don’t induce Pinterest fails. This recipe for a bacon-wrapped hot dog topped by crispy onions, barbecue sauce and nacho cheese breaks that promise — but not without a few good reasons.

First, even though it’s messy, it is dang tasty. (You did see bacon and nacho cheese are involved, right?)

Second, it’s my lead-in to telling you that you could garner a moderate amount of fame and win four tickets to a Wisconsin Timber Rattlers game through the team’s annual Fans’ Choice Food Fight contest.

Before getting into the contest details, let’s take a swing at this 2017 Timber Rattlers Food Fight champ.

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