TikTok testing recipe-saving feature for food videos with Whisk

TikTok is making it easier for users to save and share food content. 

The video-sharing social media platform is launching a test that will allow users to link to recipes they found on the Whisk app, Tech Crunch reported. 

TikTok is making it easier for users to find and save recipes. (iStock). 

TikTok is making it easier for users to find and save recipes. (iStock). 

TikTok is piloting a new “see full recipe” button that will pop up on food videos, motivating viewers to not just drool over the food they see in a video, but potentially get cooking themselves, or save the recipe, according to Tech Crunch. 


Users can tap the “see full recipe button” to be directed to Whisk, an app that allows users save and share recipes they find online, shop the ingredients list, or look at recipe photos. Food fans will also be able to pin their favorite recipes, like a Pinterest

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Health insurers add food, meal delivery programs to coverage plans

When COVID-19 first swarmed the United States, one health insurer called some customers with a question: Do you have enough to eat?

Oscar Health wanted to know if people had adequate food for the next couple weeks and how they planned to stay stocked up while hunkering down at home.

“We’ve seen time and again, the lack of good and nutritional food causes members to get readmitted” to hospitals, Oscar executive Ananth Lalithakumar said.

Food has become a bigger focus for health insurers as they look to expand their coverage beyond just the care that happens in a doctor’s office. More plans are paying for temporary meal deliveries and some are teaching people how to cook and eat healthier foods.

Benefits experts say insurers and policymakers are growing used to treating food as a form of medicine that can help patients reduce blood sugar or blood pressure levels and stay

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Directory Of Native Health Departments

On eight August 2014, WHO declared that the spread of Ebola was a public health emergency; an outbreak which was believed to have began in Guinea had unfold to different close by nations similar to Liberia and Sierra Leone. The WHO works to improve nutrition, food safety and meals security and to make sure this has a optimistic effect on public health and sustainable growth.


The division presides over America’s number-one-rated newscast, NBC Nightly News, and the longest-working television sequence in American history, Meet The Press, the Sunday morning program of newsmakers interviews. NBC News also provides 70 years of uncommon historic footage from the NBCUniversal Archives on-line. On September thirteen, 2012, the Los Angeles County Medical Association joined two patients health & fitness in suing Health Net for illegally denying medically essential therapy, together with cancer care. The lawsuit alleges that Health Net routinely and systematically denies claims based … Read More

How to Make the Most of Your Food Processor

what it can do

Dice / Chop / Slice / Emulsify / Blend / Knead Dough

What to cook

Sauces / Purées / Salsa / Dough / Ground Meat / Coleslaw / Nut Butter / Breadcrumbs / Hummus

Trendy small appliances come and go, but the food processor is one that’s a proven mainstay.

This workhorse can chop, slice, shred, and purée many different ingredients—and probably far faster than you can with a knife and cutting board. Some models can even knead dough and grind meat. It’s definitely a lifesaver when cooking for a crowd or preparing multiple batches of a recipe. In those situations, a bigger model with a capacity of 11 to 16 cups might be ideal.

If storage space is tight, a 7-cup model is fine for most tasks and is still plenty useful, especially because it can be difficult to process small amounts (say, a

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