TikTok tests Whisk, a new feature that makes it easy to save recipes

Amanda M. Rye

Viral TikTok recipes are fun and delicious — Who hasn’t tried their hand at the cheesy feta pasta dish or given whipped coffee a try? — but sometimes, it can be difficult to follow a video’s step-by-step instructions or find the original recipe online.

To try to make it easier for home chefs everywhere, TikTok is testing a third-party service that allows video creators to link directly to their recipes. The application, Whisk, would be accessible through a button on recipe videos. Users would be able to find a link to the full recipe and save it for future use. Whisk also includes ingredient lists, nutrition details and more information for each recipe.

TikTok confirmed to TMRW that the feature is currently being tested.

“We’re always testing features that bring value to the TikTok experience,” the company said in a statement. “Though not all tests make it to all users, we continue to experiment with features that make creating and learning on TikTok easy, fun and exciting for our community.”

Some top TikTok creators have been able to try the feature, such as Josh Elkin, who used it on a video about how to make “roses” out of pepperoni slices.

Another user included the feature on a video about air fried and glazed donuts. According to TikTok, the feature makes it easier for creators to share personal stories or interesting facts about the food they’re making. A spokesperson noted that creator @TheKoreanVegan used the feature to link “to the meal’s full recipe, freeing her up to share something meaningful as she cooked.”

“Hashtags like #TikTokFood and #Foodie have garnered billions of views on the platform, and our foodie community continues to grow,” the company shared, adding that the two hashtags combined have 40 billion views.

While Whisk was not able to comment on their partnership with TikTok, the company shared some details about different features they tout.

“Consumers today look to a variety of places, including social media, food blogs and recipe sites for food and cooking inspiration,” said Dana Nguyen, Whisk’s principal product manager. “The award-winning Whisk app (available on iOS, Android, web, Chrome extension and voice assistants) provides a free way for people to save recipes from anywhere, turn them into a meal plan or shopping list and share their favorites with others in global or private communities.”

TikTok did not share when the feature might be more publicly available to users, but foodies will surely be on the lookout.

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