Day: September 5, 2021

This Rosh Hashana Salad Is a Fresh Take on Ancient Flavors

No tomatoes, peppers, corn or potatoes for this salad, as these foods came to the Middle East after Christopher Columbus and his contemporaries introduced them, bringing them from the New World to the Old. And despite apples being dipped in honey at so many holiday tables, the fruit, originating in Kazakhstan, was not a biblical species. Although the Bible mentions the generic Hebrew word for fruit, “peri,” to refer to the forbidden one in the Garden of Eden, it was not until Jews moved to Europe that they adapted the apple, a fruit more readily available to them than dates and pomegranates, for the blessing.

To this day, as part of a Rosh Hashana meal, many Middle Eastern and Sephardic Jews say blessings over fall foods to symbolize hope for the new year. So this salad has the flavors of fall — pomegranates, olives, figs and beets. Ancient beets were

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Fire-pit recipes: how to start a backyard blaze safely, and what to cook on it | Australian food and drink

Usually, plenty of Australians would be starting to make plans for summer camping trips about now. Others would already be on them, having escaped the southern states for long soirees north where winter is little more than a horror story told to scare kids at night.

A significant proportion of those people, though – and maybe you, reading this – are stuck at home dreaming of the warmth and crying into their beer while watching Netflix, thanks to ongoing lockdowns and border closures.

If that’s you, or if you’re just waiting to build up enough annual leave to head off, I reckon you should just bring the best bits of camping to your backyard and cook your meals over an open fire. Cooking over a proper, old-fashioned wood fire is simple, satisfying and not just for marshmallows and sausages. It’s the perfect way to escape the feeling of lockdown and

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