Day: September 11, 2021

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Honey Dip Recipe


You know fall is in full swing when the storefront of your local Trader Joe’s looks like a pumpkin patch and the shelves are lined with every pumpkin, maple, and cinnamon apple-flavored food possible. Seeing all of these fall flavors at once led me to my newest discovery: Trader Joe’s homemade pumpkin spice honey dip.

The other day I was scrolling on Trader Joe’s website for new pumpkin spice recipes, and I came across a five-minute recipe card for a pumpkin spice honey dip. As someone who lives for autumn-inspired foods, I was immediately sold. It also didn’t hurt that the dip only calls for three ingredients: pumpkin spice, honey, and vanilla Greek yogurt.

I paid my neighborhood TJ’s a visit and grabbed a carton of yogurt, a few apples, and cinnamon and sugar pita chips for dipping (per the recipe’s recommendation). The pairing was absolute fall perfection. The

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A Pesto Pasta Recipe Ideal for a Weeknight Dinner

LONDON — “What’s for dinner?”

It’s a question we ask ourselves (or is asked of us) every day. The intonation varies. Some days, it’s energized anticipation: “What’s for dinner?! The world is our oyster: Where shall we go?”

Other days, it’s a bit less of an exclamation, and more a case of standing in front of the fridge and wondering, “What on earth is for dinner?” Chances are, it’s dried pasta. Add pesto and some grated Parmesan, and it’s a job done.

For all the ways we could go with every meal (and for all the cookbooks encouraging us to experiment), it’s very easy to get stuck in a kitchen rut. Everyone’s rut — or routine — looks different. For my part, there are nine or 10 meals in fairly constant rotation at home: New meals are tried, of course, but we as a family largely default to the dishes

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3-ingredient chili and BLT kebabs

Grab your foam fingers and pop open the trunk — it’s time to tailgate! Whether you’re set up in a stadium parking lot or having fun parked in your own driveway (like me and my squad), you’ll need easy-to-make meals. Here, I have two ideas that I hope will score big with your football friends: The world’s easiest three-ingredient chili and BLT kebabs smothered in creamy ranch dressing. Of course, the tailgate is optional — these goodies are touchdown-dance-worthy on your comfy couch, too!

Courtesy Joy Bauer

This recipe is a game-changer. It is, hands down, the quickest chili you will ever make — and I promise, it also delivers big on taste. All you need is just three simple ingredients, and it’s ready in just 10 minutes. This big pot of satisfying comfort food is perfect for tailgates, last-minute get-togethers, hectic weekday dinners or really anytime you want to

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