Day: September 12, 2021

Salty, sweet and sour: Smoking Goat’s recipes for Thai salads | Food

Som tum of clams and garlic

The back streets of Bangkok’s Chinatown are a heady mix of humidity, noise and delicious plates of food at every turn. The first time I got out of the taxi, straight from the air-conditioned airport, I was overawed. On a busy corner, at a small grill with lobsters slowly charring and a pok-pok (or mortar) drumming a beat, I found a moment to take a breath with a bowl of blood cockles in a warped wooden bowl. This central Thai style of som tum is rich, sweet and heavy on the garlic and chilli. The fresh Dorset clams we use give some salty sweetness, which helps break up the fire. These flavours are satisfying alongside smoky, slow-grilled meat and fish, where the charred flesh and fat make an alluring contrast. At the restaurant, we use a range of seasonal greens in this dish: the

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