Day: September 10, 2021

Try Guys ‘No Recipe Road Trip’ Picked Up to Series at Food Network

Discovery’s Food Network is hungry for more on-the-road cooking improv escapades from the Try Guys, the YouTube viral-video comedy troupe.

The cabler picked up “No Recipe Road Trip With the Try Guys” to series, with an additional five-episode order. Food Network previously had announced a deal with the Try Guys for a one-off special of the same name; the special will now air as part of Season 1 so there will now be six episodes total. No premiere date has been set for the hour-long “No Recipe Road Trip” series, which likely will be available on both Food Network and Discovery Plus.

In the show, the Try Guys take their no-recipe mentality on the road, testing their mettle in kitchens across America by attempting to whip up a variety of classic dishes and restaurant specialties — with some “surprising and hilarious results,” per Food Network. Pre-production is currently under way

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Focaccia recipes offer a taste of Italy at home

Focaccia takes its name from the Latin “panis focacius,” or “hearth bread”: A lightly yeasted flat bread baked on coals or a hearth to create a filling accompaniment to dip into soups, stews, olive oil or vinegars.  

It is thought to have originated with either the Etruscans or ancient Greeks at the beginning of the first millennium BC, but is now widely associated with the Ligurian (Genoa) cuisine of Italy. As the Romans expanded their empire they took the idea of focaccia with them to France and Spain and from there it spread around the world, with each culture putting its own spin on techniques and flavors.

The blog “Love & Olive Oil” states that a good, “authentic focaccia is light, airy and yeasty, crispy around the edges but soft and pillowy in the middle. The characteristic dimples serve as vessels to collect the salt and oil, infusing the bread

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